Well… You see being a female lead it quite a jackpot. Especially when you have handsome boys as your male leads. It should be good for me, really… The problem is, I AM NOT INTO GUYS!

HAYST! Yeah, sure. The female lead is beautiful, graceful and smart. Like me!

I am not your average girl when I was in my past life. I am actually famous for being beautiful and have a lot of suitors. But I am a lesbian… For crying out loud! Girls are also onto me, of course!

And here I am… Sitting on a round table filled with four handsome boys. It was surely awkward.

”What do you mean I am not invited? I surely am! Don you know who I am? ”

Our heads turn to the lady causing a scene on the gate. It felt like my whole world stop. How can such a beauty be here? Shes so beautiful and elegant. The way her sunset sky like hair waves is so beautiful.

”Yelena? What the hell are you doing here? ”

Yelena? Yelena Royal? The daughter of the Grand Duke Dimitri Royal? Who is also a candidate for the throne? My chest thump and so I held it. Is this love?

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