d the wrong body.

”Shall we head to the garden? ” I politely said. I don really know why I said that, it just came to my mind and my mouth deliberately move on its own.

We walked to the garden where everything was set. We sat on the chair. There are four men in front of me. If I am not mistaken, two of these men are half brothers which are the two Princes of the Empire. One is a candidate for the Throne.

Before I knew it, I am again talking without thinking. Like its not actually me whos talking.

”It was nice to have you here gentlemen. ”

”We are glad, Lady Avyanna. ” The guy with a golden hair said. Hmm. Is he that one prince? Im not really sure.

”I was hesitating to invite you to this tea party because I know you have duties as a candidate for the crown, Prince Riley. ”

”You have nothing to worry, Lady, I can clean my schedule to make time with you. ” He smiled.

”Marquis River and Duke Nathan, hows training these days? Im sorry I could not attend the practice because my mother forbid me so. ”

”The knights are being obedient as what you said. Indeed we were over doing the training. If it weren for you, we won resolve this situation. ” The man with red hair said. Hes Marquis River, the rumoured ex lover of the villainess.

The novel have already started and if Im not wrong its already in its first half where the tea party happened between the protagonists. And the villainess made a scene.

”What do you mean I am not invited? I surely am! Don you know who I am? ”

Our heads turn to the lady causing a scene on the gate. It felt like my whole world stop. How can such a beauty be here? Shes so beautiful. The way her sunset sky like hair waves is majestic.

”Yelena? What the hell are you doing here? ”

Yelena? Yelena Royal?! Thats the villainess that was mentioned in the novel? The novel describe her as a simple elegant on the outside. How is that simple?! On my eyes, shes very stunning!

I stood up and went onto the gate where I met her sharp looking eyes. Her green eyes are alluring that it made me want to be so close to her more.

”Lady Yelena. ” I mumbled.

”Is this how you discipline your knights, Lady Brooke? Such despicable! He didn even know who I am. ”

I realize that shes small. I mean shes smaller than me.

”Wow. Shes so small. Shes like an angry guinea pig. ” I mumble.

”Wha– ”

”Ah. ” I snap back to reality.

”How dare you insult me?! A candidate to the crown?! ” She shouted as she held onto the gate. Her face is red from getting angry.

I smiled. ”I didn mean it that way. I want to say that you
e very cute. ” I said.

”I-I don need your explanation! Ill surely get back to you! ” She shouted but shes clearly blushing.

”Yelena, what nonsense are you– ”

”Lady Yelena, I didn mean to offend you. If theres something you want to say, say it inside. Im sorry that I didn inform the knight that you are attending. ”

”You invited her? ” Riley asked looking at me.

”Hmm. I want to know her more. ” I said looking at her whose face didn even calm down.

”Whatever. I have no intention of getting in. Especially that you have ill intentions to me. ” She turned her back and walked in the carriage.

I felt sad because I didn get to talk to her longer. Why did such a cute lady became a villainess?

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