After the commotion, the tea party continued. We talk about mostly nonsense things. Im not very intimate. Its like we
e doing an interview, they ask questions and then answers. Since I let my unconciousness handle this party, my mind was elsewhere.

”Its like a sunset sky. ” I mumble.

”Lady Avyanna? ”

I was startled for a moment.

”Yes? ”

”Which is like a sunset sky? ” River asked.

I noticed that his eyes are mixed red, yellow and orange. It was like her hairs.

”Your eyes are. ” I said while smiling. ”Your eyes are beautiful and very comfortable. They resemble the sky when the sun is setting. ”

His face flushed red. Wow. I never knew I was this good at flirting with someone. And hes so easy to flatter.

”Y-you must have been visiting the ocean, Lady Avyanna. ” Nathan said.

”Not really. Actually its been a while that I missed it. ” I said and sip on my tea. The blowing hair of Yelena just a while ago entered my mind. It was truly beautiful.

”What are you thinking now, My Lady? ” Prince Riley Rye Hill asked.

”Just the color of the setting suns sky. ” I said. Those green eyes are very warm but full of rage. What made her like that? I have already forgotten some of the stories content. All I know about her is that shell kill just to get Roshan River.

Indeed, Sir Roshan is such a good man and losing someone as good as him is such a lose.

”Do you miss seeing the ocean? ” Arci Rye Hill asked.

Do I? In my past life I was living in the city and I rarely went to go at the beach.

”Yeah. ” I said.

”We should go some of these days. ” Nathan suggested.

”Should we? But therell be a banquet in a few days. Won it affect you, Your Highnesses? ” I asked the two Prince.

”Well, its indeed not a good idea. ” Arci agreed.

”How about we go after a month? Or when there are nothing much to do. ” River said.

”Im busy. ” Riley said.

”Same here. ” -Arci.

”It doesn matter then. I can accompany the lady myself. ” River said giving a smile.

”Such a…. ”

”Im not busy. I can accompany her, too. ” Nathan said while his hands together and smirking at River.

The atmosphere became heavy. I clap my hands and smile.

”Well, how about we talk about the empires border? Isn it on midst battlefield? ” I asked.

”How can a lady—- ” I immediately cut Arci on what hes going to say.

”Your Highness, you know I am also raised to become knight. Even as a lady or a knight in training, I have to know the situation at the border. ” I immediately said. According to the story by now, Yelena is probably signing me up to the front line of the battlefield. I will be sent few months from now.

”I apologize, My Lady. ”

”Its alright, Your Highness. ” I said with a smile.


I stomp my feet as I enter our state. I saw the vase and immediately throw it causing for the maids to startle. I gritted my teeth in annoyance.

”How dare that lowly thing?! ” I bit my thumb as I thought about how that lowly girl insult me.

”I want to say that you
e very cute. ”

I feel a sudden heat on my face. What the hell? Cute? Me? How dare she?! I look very beautiful! Everyone said it! Wait… Does it mean that shes looking down on my appearance? That in terms of facial appearance, shes beautiful and I only look cute?!

I can imagine her laughing with them right now. Their topic is probably me. If only she didn sign as a knight, she won meet and seduce my fiancé!

An idea pop up in my mind. Thats right! Shes a knight! An evil smile form on my lips.

I immediately went to my father at his office. I knocked three times before entering.

”Father. ” I called.

As always, hes looking down on the papers like it was all that he have to live.

”What made you come here? ” He asked.

”I want to add a participant at the front line on the border. ” I said in seriousness.

”Do what you want if itll secure your position as a candidate to the crown. ” He said not batting an eye to me. ”Youll also fight at the war. You better sharpen your skill and return as a war hero. ”

”Yes, Father. Excuse me. ” I said and then went out of his office.

The crown is the only important thing to him. Because once I got crowned, ill be nothing but a living puppet. But at least I was a use to him. Maybe when I ascended to the throne, hell get to smile and give me small attention.

I closed my eyes and then sigh. I walked to my room and changed my clothes.

Someone suddenly knock on the door. I turn my gaze to it.

”Lady Royal, the documents are on your office. ” The voice sounds like the butler, Gazer.

I went to get the door and face the butler.

”Ill read at them later. For now I have to train more. ”

”Yes, Lady. ”

After that I went to the training field. Holding the sword on my waist I walk with cold expression making the employees shiver.

I saw some knights also training on the grounds. While observing, some of their stance are wrong but still able to win against their opponent. I guess they are learning and have their own ways to beat their opponent. But demons are different from humans. They don have a readable move. Every move is not what you think it is. Its either a counter or an attack.

I focused on my own training swinging my sword back and forth, counter and attack. I felt a presence from behind that made me alert. As soon as the presence was near I draw my sword to that direction and stopped half way.

My gaze became fiercer, regretting from stopping half way.

”Christella. ”

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