Christella Royal, I hate to admit but this girl is my half-sister. Although all she wants is luxury and money.

I draw back my sword and glare at her.

”What are you doing here? ” I asked in a cold tone.

She smiles but its obviously a fake one. ”I heard you went to a tea party with Lady Brooke. Why did you came home so sudden? Did you perhaps… ” She smirked. ”Got kick out by the Marquis. ”

”I left in my own free will. What happen there is none of your business. ” I turn my back to her and swung my sword once again.

”Hmm. Why though? You got irritated with the lovey-dovey of the two? ”

”One word from you and your life will be at risk. ” I threw a death glare at her. ”You know I don joke around. ”

Her brows furrowed and rolled her eyes as she walked away stomping her feet. A victory smile drew on my lips. Youll never win from me, Christella.



I sigh then looked outside the window. Its been five days since I came to this body and life is getting boring. The maids here are not very challenging to seduce since the moment I look at them they all blush. I want someone who is not easy to sway.

I smiled.

Lady Royal, for example.

”Diane. ” I called.

”Lady? ”

”Prepare the carriage. We
e going out today. ”

”Ah? Are we going to buy a dress for the Banquet? ”

I froze.

”A what? ”

”A dress for the banquet. ” She smiled. ”The dresses in your closet have already been wore. It will be good if you buy another for the banquet. ”

I face palm. I forgot that theres this banquet happening tomorrow. Why do I even have to attend? Wait.. That means Yelena would be there!

I stood up immediately.

”Prepare the carriage right away! We
e going shopping. ” I demanded.

♡Im in Love♡

We have now arrived at the boutique. We stepped down the carriage. When we entered, eyes are on us like they never expect us to actually arrive.

”Isn that Lady Avyanna? ”

”You mean that slut who seduce our Princes and Duke? ”

”What a nerve she has. ”

”Right? ”

Ahh… These rumours. I just sigh. This is supposed to be a boutique. Why are there noble Ladies having tea party here?

”She even enter Lady Yelenas boutique. ”

And that made me stopped. This is Yelenas boutique? I was not informed.

”Well, well. Look who we have here. ”

I turned around and immediately saw Yelena crossing her arms and fiercely eyeing me. I smiled and politely bow.

”Greetings, Lady Royal. ” Ahh.. Who wouldve thought well meet here? I thought that I wont see her until tomorrow. God bless me so much.

”Who gave you permission to enter my boutique? ” Her cold voice gave me chills and I don know but I still find it attractive.

”I was not informed, My Lady. I apologize for being ignorant. ” I kept my smile on my lips while looking down on her.

e going to buy your dress here? ” She asked and walked to the table with the noble ladies.

”I am. Do you have any suggestions? ” I asked.

e asking for my suggestion? ” Her eyebrow raised then she chuckles.


”Why not just pick something that looks rubbish? Those kind of dresses looks good on you. ” Its insulting but, I want to tease her.

”That can be. ”

”What do you mean? Didn you asked for my suggestion? ” Her brows furrowed as her eyes became sharp.

”What I mean is, there shouldn be some here, right? The dresses here are so elegant and there are no rubbish dresses that were made. If there is, Ill be glad to buy them. ” I said in sweetest voice I can.

”What I mean was that you shouldn buy your clothes here! You don belong here! ” She gritted her teeth.

I walked to her and so she stood straight looking up to me. I smiled and held her chin then close my face to hers. She was suddenly startled on what I did.

”I apologize, My Lady. I shall get going then. And.. You
e so cute even today. ” I turned my back and walked out of the boutique.

3rd Person

”What the hell?! ” Yelena cursed in her head. He face heated up that she couldn bare to hold it.

The flash of Avyannas face close to her appear in her mind.

e so cute even today. ”

Her face heated up even more. Like a burning fever is coming on her way.

”Lady Royal? Do you not feel well? Your face is red. ” A lady said.

”What?! Theres no way! Me? My face? Is red? Theres no way! Thats right. This is the fruit of my anger towards her! ”

She glare at the door Avyanna went out to. Ill make you pay for it tomorrow!

Avyanna on the otherhand seems so satisfied to see the Ladys face.

So cute.

She thought after remembering how the latters face became red when she came near her.

”Lady, do you not mean to upset Lady Royal, right? ”

Avyanna looked at Diane. She forgot that the maid is still with her.

”Nope. Of course I didn but… Don you think shes cute whenever shes angry? ” She asked smiling so widely.

Diane doesn seem to understand the lady shes serving these past few days. All her lady did was train sword and read books, like some thing is occupying her mind. And whenever her lady do so, theres this atmosphere around her that made everyone have chills.

Avyanna was not like that before. Even holding a sword, the atmosphere around her always seems so bright and joyfull. But now its all dark and gloomy.

But right now, the atmosphere around the lady is so bright and joyfull like how it is actually suppose to be. And shes even humming.

Diane find it odd but she never said anything because its maybe part of the ladys personality that they have never saw until these past few days.

Avyanna entered a different boutique. The boutique does not have a lot of costumers and it looks so shabby.

”Ahh! ”

A loud thud coming from one room made Avyanna alert. She went there immediately and saw dusty old room.

”Ouch! ”

A woman cough and tried to get herself out of the piled up boxes.

”Are you alright? ” Avyanna asked in concern and helped the woman.

”Thank you. ” The woman continue to cough because of the fying dusts. ”Ah… Are you here to buy a dress? ”

”Uhmm. ”

”Finally! ” The womans eyes sparkles. ”You look so beautiful! Its the first time I saw you, Miss. You
e befitting as my model! ”

”Ah.. Sorry but I don intend to be a model. ” There are a lot of works and its exhausting. Like from my previous life.

”Its okay! At least look at my dresses. ” The woman went out of the room pulling Avyanna and then went up the second floor. ”You
e probably looking for a dress for tomorrows banquet! I have dresses here that might suit you!. ”

”Hey… Uhm. Do you have dresses that suits Green eyes and orange hair? ” Avyanna asked immediately.

”Hmm… Light colors would suit them such as yellow. ” The woman answered. ”Ah, I haven introduce myself. My name is Erica Jamico. ”

”Jamico… ” A memory crossed Avyannas head. Right.

Erica Jamico, the woman who will later on become famous and would be the designer of Avyannas wedding dress.

”Its nice to meet you, Miss Erica. My names Avyanna. ”

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