”Nice to meet you, too, Lady Avyanna. ” Erica smiles at Avyanna sweetly. ”Sit wherever you like, lady. ”

”About the dress, how about ocean blue colored dress? Do you have some? ” Avyanna asked as she sat on the nearest chair.

”Hmm… I think but it won be suitable for your size. Its a little smaller. ” The designer answered.

”Its okay. Its actually not for me but as a present. ” Avyanna said.

”Is that so? Then okay. Please wait for me here. ”

The woman went out of the room and Avyanna looked around the room. This room is full of dresses and one caught her eyes.

Its a simple red dress. That type of dress that you can call simple but elegant kind of dress. She look around for a little more time before Erica came back.

”Here it is. ”

Avyanna stare at the dress Erica was holding. From a glance she can tell that it was very well made. The embroidery is excellent. Its a layered dress but its lightweight. Itll be easy to move around.

”This is great. Ill take that dress and also this red one. ” Avyanna said.

”Is that so, Lady Avyanna. Should I wrap these up? ” Erica politely asked.

”Please do. ” Avyanna answered with the smile on her lips.

Avyanna went out of Ericas boutique and then she saw Diane wondering with troubled face. Avyanna bit her lips. How could she forgot that theres a maid whos escorting her?

”Diane! ” She called.

Diane who was in panic turn her head towards her lady and ran to her. Shes in the verge of tears.

”Hic Lady… I thought something happened to you.. Where have you been? ” The maid asked hugging her lady.

”Shh.. Sorry, I forgot I brought you. I have already bought a dress for tomorrow. And… ” Avyanna turn to Diane with a big smile. ”I have a job for you. ”


”Lady, Ive done what you ordered. ” Diane said.

”Did you sent it anonymously? ” Avyanna asked as she put down her sword.

”Yes, Lady. ”

”Thanks, Diane. Ill raise your pay this month. ” She winked at the maid

Dianes eyes sparkled. Money at its finest.

”I thank you, My Lady. ” Her smile is from ear to ear.

Diane excuses herself and went back to her duties.

Avyanna wiped the sweat falling down her face.

”Lady Avyanna. ”

She turned her head to the person who called. It was Everest. The familys butler.

”Yes? ”

”The Baron is asking for your presence. ” Everest said.

”I understand. ”

One of the things I hate in this world is the Baron, The Female Leads biological father. Although, Avyanna is indeed living in a fairytale. Theres a certain event where the villainess bribe the Baron with money to buy her daughters life.

Doesn that mean I will belong to the villainess? Nah, Im more of the dominant type than be the submissive.

Going to the Barons office, I tried to look fiercer. The employees that come across me all shiver. Although this isn how Avyanna was written, this isn her now. Im not that Avyanna.

I knocked on the door and called, ”Father, I have arrived. ” I said in a cold and polite way.

”Come in. ”

I entered and politely curtsy. I maintain my facial expression as he stare at me.

”How was everything going with the Gentlemen? Remember that even not the Princes, you should marry a rich man. ”

I want to roll my eyes at him or punch him here and now. Why is noblemen like this? Is everything all about richness and money?

I just held tightly on my dress and answered his question.

”Everything is fine, father. You don have to worry a thing. ”

”Thats great. Keep on doing it. You may go now. ”

”Yes, Father. ”

I went out of the office immediately. Im not even into men why why am I going to marry one?

I rolled my eyes and walked away to train swords because we never knew when we
e going to be in action.


”Miss, a gift has arrived to you. But it doesn have a letter or anything. ”

My brows immediately furrowed. Who in the empire would dare to send me a gift anonymously?

”Take it away. ” I wave my hand without batting my eyes off the book.

”But Lady, won you at least look at it? ” This little maid seems not to know who she talks to.

”I said, take it away! ” I said in a cold voice as I glared at her so she shivered.

”Ah, understood, My Lady. I apologize for this maids incompetence. ” She immediately ran away.

I closed the book I am reading and then sigh. Tomorrow is the ball. I can seem to remember what happened for the last week. The days passed by so fast.


”Come in. ” I said flatly but seconds passed no one came. Didn they heard me? ”I said, come in! ” My tone is already irritated as I am but still no one entered.

I click my tongue and went to the door and open it, but to my surprise no one was on the door. I looked left and right to see if anyone is there but none. My eyes dropped on the floor and saw a box.

Confused as I may be, I picked it up and saw a note.

Your hair shines like a setting sun. Your eyes are green like they are part of the ocean. Please accept and wear this dress, for this will suit your taste and your colorful ambience.


I looked at the back of the paper but its blank. No name or anything here. Who would sent this?

I took it in my room and put it on the table. It said that its a dress. What kind of fool would send me a dress knowing that I own a whole boutique. But might as well see this thing.

I took it out off the box. Looking it, I was stunned. This dress doesn have too much layers and the embroidery was done too well. White and blue colors are mixed up but it was mixed beautifully. Who sent this?!

If I wear this, there are two possible outcomes. First, this dress will be a trend and I will gain more support, especially from the noble ladies. Second, this thing will ruin me.

I better not wear this because it might not get the outcome I want.

I just hang it where I can see it and then changed my clothes on a knights. I have to train more since I have to participate in the battlefield in a few months. I have to be the victory and win this contest where the winner would get the crown.

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