The Day of The Ball

”Miss, theres a trouble. ” Diane rushed to me with a box on her hands and there are other three maids following her with also boxes on their hands.

”What is it? ” I asked as I brush my hair on the mirror.

”There are four different dresses that came today. Its from the Marquis River, Duke Nathan and the two Princes. Lady, what are we going to do? ” She asked in a hurry.

”Proceed to whats planned. Wearing one of those means I favour that one person more. ” I said calmly.

”But, Lady, this is such a waste. ” Diane seems to be disappointed.

”Don worry. Ill wear them when needed. ” I smiled at them.

”Understood, Lady Avyanna. ”

I nodded and they start to make me up. I wonder is shell wear the dress I gave? I hope that she will.


I arrived at the main hall of the Palace Ball and everyone has started conversing. Thank goodness they don announce who arrives like the thing I see in movies.

I stood on the side while looking at people and trying to remember them. But nothing came in mind. Noble ladies should remember everyone in Aristocratic Society and my lack of knowledge in this world turn me on disadvantage. Also the fact that I can remember any other details from the novel.

As far as I can remember, when the battle in the border happened a new problem arise but, I can remember it. No matter how hard I try.

But for now, my concern is Yelena. Because I know Ill survive anything even if I get in trouble, since I am currently the heroine. But Yelena who is originally fragile, and shes just so cute, itll be a waste for me to not protect such lovable girl.

There may be other girls in this capital who exceeds the villainesss beauty. But the fact that I fell for her cuteness at first sight won change anything.

I smiled unknowingly.

”Wow. Is that Princess Yelena? ”

”Her dress… ”

”That looks very comfortable. ”

”Look how she easily walk with a smile. ”

”Where did she get that dress? ”

My smile vanished but it replaced with joy inside me. Wearing the dress that I got her. The dress is more elegant with the person who wore it. Im glad that she ended up wearing them.

She seems to be looking someone. And I was too assuming it was me. But then she walks toward him. What do I expect? Shes as straight as a stick.

”Yena! ”

I was startled for a moment when someone shouted. My gaze turn to them and I saw an elegant lady approaching me. Her face has a bad expression plastered on it.

”Yena! I can believe you didn wait for me! I said to wait for me at the entrance! ” She pouted at me.

”France.. ” I unconciously said.

Right, France Gabrielle. A daughter from the Marquis Grabrielle and a sole friend of Avyanna. She is also knows for her beauty.

”What? You also haven come to me for weeks! I have been waiting! Have you forgotten about me already?! ” She pointed her finger at me.

”Sorry. I was so busy these past few days. ” I lied. Im actually bored and I just realized that I have France for a friend.

She pouted at me and then cling to my arms.

”Next time visit the state okay? ”

”Yes, yes. ” I surrender. Its not like I clearly have any choice.

”By the way, you
e not with your boys today. You got into some quarrel? ” She asked while looking around.

”I just decided to go alone today. Plus, I want to breathe some air. ” I answered. Its a lie though. I really just don like being surrounded by guys.

After being stabbed by one, what do you think will happen?

I suddenly felt that a gaze was on me. And when I looked for that gaze, it was from the cutest person I know. Shes glaring at me and somehow probably killing me in her mind.

I smiled at her and bow my head as a sign of respect. However when I turn my head up, she has already turned away. That kinda hurt.

”Hmm? Has the villainess still coming right at you? Tell me if she is being physical, Ill be the one to pour water on her. ” I can hear the irritation on Frances voice.

”Its alright. You don have to worry. ” I smiled at her and she also gave me a wide smile.

”Im being pursue by someone. ” She excitedly said.

”Really? Which family is it? ” I asked. Because having a friend like her is really like a treasure. And according to the novel, she died at the hands on her husband.

”Son of the Cartels. ”

”Don . ” I immediately said.

”What? ” She gave me a look. ”What are you saying, Avy? Don ? ”

I held onto her hand and smiled.

”Im telling this as a friend. Brent Cartel is not a very good guy. I hope you trust my words because all I wish you is happiness. ”

”Oh, Avy… ” Her eyes is full of emotion. ”Okay. I do trust you of course. ”

”His Highness, the king and Her Majesty the Empress have arrived. ”

Our eyes finally turn to the throne as both the rulers of this empire sat on it. I can feel gazes on me, I don know why but it seems dangerous.

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