Avyannas PoV

We all bow our heads at the presence of the King and Queen. The Princes have also been annouced and went on the crowds.

The party started with a dance.

”France, I need to go. I don wanna dance today. ” I excuse myself to France and then I hid myself carefully for the Princes and Marquis not to find me.

I went to the balcony and successfully escaping the banquet. The moon is beautiful. Its big and blue. As if I am in a dream.

”Lady Brooke. ”

I turn my head and saw the person I was waiting to see. Her cold eyes stare right through me and it gave me chills.

”Lady Royal. ” I bend and bow to her as respect. ”We meet again. ”

”I will be cutting to the chase. Did you deliver this to my state? ” She asked in a cold voice holding onto the dress she was wearing

”Yes. Yes I did. ” I answered without hesitation.

”Whats your purpose on sending this? With a very unpleasant note? ” Her voice is calm and cold at the same time.

I chuckled. ”I thought about you while looking at the dress. I thought it would suit you and it did. ”

”Why are you doing this?! I need to know your purpose! ” Her voice raised as I can feel the anger coming from every word.

”I have no purpose on sending the dress. ” I said and walked towards her. ”But if you demand an answer, you might not believe it. ”

Her eyes were just staring at me blazing flames.

”Whats your answer? ” She bravely asked with her narrowed eyes.

I sigh before answering. ”Because I admire you, My Lady. ”

”Admire? Ha! You expect me to believe that when you stole my fiance from me! ” She said sarcastically. ”Im not falling for that trick! If that is how you win people, not me! Im not like those dumb nobles! ”

I let out another sigh. I was hoping that she is smart enough to believe it and at least act embarrassed like how I called her cute.

”You really looked like a small mouse. ” I whispered.

”What was that?! ” She is very angry at this moment. I can get close to her like this.

”Lady Royal, I am explaining because I want a closure. I really do admire you. And if you really want, I can ignore Lord Roshan. ” I said politely.

”Do it! I don want words! ” She turn her back on me.

”Then, Lady can I invite you for a tea? ” I asked hoping that she would agree.

”I have a very busy schedule. Ill be the one to write on you. ” She answered before walking away and going back inside the banquet.

I felt like I will have to wait for a very long time to get invited by her.

3rd Person

Yelena walked out and get back to the party. She socialized like she was supposed to be doing.

”My Lady, your dress is truly beautiful. ”

Yelena smiled at the Marchioness Silvia Storm. Storm Family is famous because of their diamond mine business. They are truly wealthy, and if she were to get them support her for the throne she will be greatly at advantage.

She clenched her jaw because she doesn know what to answer.

If I lie here it can ruin my reputation. I have no choice but to tell them the truth. Even if admitting that my greatest rival is the one who gave it…

Wait… doesn it mean I will be some saintess who forgives their rival because of a gift? And this is a chance to increase more influence.

”Ehem.. It was a gift. ” She answered with confidence.

”A gift? ”

The ladies were even more confused because of Yelenas answer.

”Yes. ”

”Woah. ”

”Is it from the Marquis? ”

”An admirer? ”

”So jealous. ”

”Ah, n-no. I-its not from an admirer. ” She desperaty declined.

”Really? ”

”Yes. Uhm, the persom who gave it was a lady. ”

”A lady? From which family? ”

”The dress is so beautiful. Its probably not from an ordinary family. ”

”Hmm.. I would like to meet her, My Lady. Is that possible? ” The Marchioness said again with a smile.

Yelena gave an unsatisfying smile before answering.

”Of course, Lady Storm. I would arrange a tea party in three days and I would like to invite all of you. ” She said delightfully.

”Woah. Well be waiting for the invitation, Lady Royal. ” The ladies said.

The topic changed naturally.

”I don seem to see the Lady from the Brooke family. ”

”Indeed. I saw the Princes and the Duke conversing with other nobles anf I didn see them lurking around that shameless Lady. ”

”It isn the gentlemen lurking with her. Its her who seduces them. ”

Thats a tough rumor. Well, it doesn matter to me.

”I will excuse myself for a moment, Ladies. ”

”Ah, Of course, Lady Royal. ”

After excusing herself, Yelena wore her displeasing face and head to the balcony where she last saw Avyanna, thinking the lady was still there.

”My apologies. ” It was Avyanna. Shes probably hearinb

Yelena immediately stopped walking and stood on the side of the door to hear the conversation clearly. It might be called eveasdropping.

”Is that really your desicion? ”

She flinched upon hearing the other persons voice.

”Im sorry again for giving you hope. It was immature of me to do that. ” Avyannas voice was unhappy but it was pure sincerity. ”I don plan on giving you any hope. So are the others but I don know how to turn down the Royalties so Ive got to start on you. I sincerely apologize, My Lord. ”

”Hmm… ” A faint laugh came from Roshan. ”I understand. Ill wish you come bavk safely. ”

Come back safely? Where is she going? Yelena thought.

”I thank you for consideration. ” Avyanna smiled widely.

Roshan placed his hand on Avyannas head and slightly pat it.

”But I would like it if we at least be companions. ” Roshan smiled at her.

”Of course. ”

Yelena who was lookingat the small space of the door.

You used to pat me gently before too. Why did you become so cold to me all of a sudden? Yelena was on the verge of crying. Tears started to form on the side of her eyes as flashbacks come to her.

”When you grow up, you have to be a great ruler. ”

”I Will! ”

”What are you doing there? ”

Yelena flinched in shock and turn her head where the voice came from.

Why the hell is this bitch coming at the wrong moment?!

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