Yelena turn her gaze to the person who spoke. She frowns at the sight of her sister who was standing with her hand playing on her hair.

”What are you doing there? Being so secretive? ”

Yelena clenched her jaws and gave her sister a glare who then flinched.

”Who– ”

Yelena found herself in a very difficult situation. Now that Roshan have came to the scene with the lady she dispite!

”Lady… Royal? ”

”I.. Im not eavesdropping to your conversation or something! ” Yelena immediately said with reddened face.

”Ah. So, you
e eavesdropping. ” Christella said with a bored eyes.

”I said I am not! ” Yelena exclaimed.

”So? What are you here for then? ” Roshan asked with an intimidating look.

”I-ah… I… I was thinking of having a c-conversation w-with L-lady Brooke! ” She said stuttering.

”Talk? You mean insult and harrass her? Oh my, dear sister. How cruel of you. ” Christella acted concern for Avyanna.

Avyanna frowns at the sight of the Lady. She was not fond of such terrible acting.

”We were having a conversation a while ago actually. She just had business to attend and we have an agreement to continue our conversation. ” Avyanna said and directly went to hold Yelena on her arms. She gave a sweet smile on the lady giving trouble to Yelena. ”And she didn harrass me or anything. Its not wrong to be friendly with the person you once hated, am I right? ”

Christellas face turned bitter.

”O-of course.. ”Christella faked a laugh. ”Then I.. I will excuse myself. ” She turn around and walked away immediately.

”Lady Avyanna. ”

Avyanna stumbled and forgot that Roshan was still with them.

”Ah. Haha. You
e still here? ” She asked unfortunately.

”I never went away. ” Roshan said. ”And. ” He looked at Yelena who turn her gaze somewhere. ”Is it true that you two are having friendly conversations now? ”

”Of course! Right, Lady Royal? ”

Youll seriously pay for this set up! Yelena cursed in the back of her head.

”Y-yeah.. A-actually I was planning to invite her on my tea party in three days time to boost her reputation in society. ” Yelena has no choice but to tell the truth. She has to look good in front of the man she loves and she wanted to marry.

”Then give me an invitation too. I would like to attend. ”

”W-what? But, i-its only for the ladies. ”

”Then Im not going to believe what you have had said. If I heard news that you did anything that hurt Lady Avyanna, I will be the one to oppose you! ” Roshan threathened that made Yelena shiver.

Yelena can feel her heart shattering to pieces. On how the man she loves doesn trust her. Her tears wanted to escape her eyes and just break down at the moment. But an interference didn made it happen.

Yelena felt a hand on her head that pulled her close and made her shock.

”My Lord, please don be too harsh on the Lady. Its true that we
e trying to undo every misunderstanding with the two of us. Please reconsider. ” The soft voice of Avyanna lingers the ears of Yelena. She can hear malice or any bad intentions on her words or her voice.

Avyanna gave Roshan a sign to coax the lady who was on a verge of crying. The gentlemam sighed and reach for Yelenas head.

”Sorry, I didn meant to sound so harsh. ” He said while gently stroking the hair of Yelena for it wont be messy.

Yelena was stunned at the sudden action. She was moved and felt touched that once again the coldness of the man she adore have subside.

”I… I will have a brief talk with the Lady first. C-can you please excuse yourself for a moment, My Lord? ” Yelena asked without looking at Roshan.

Avyanna got the message and gave signal to Roshan to leave.

The two of them was standing on the quiet hallway. Avyanna didn dare to move and gave Yelena the time she needed to collect herself.

”Uhm… I-its not like Im f-forging you already but… T-thank you. ” Yelena suddenly said.

Avyanna couldn hide how her heart flutters on such simple words.

Shes just so cute!! Avyanna screams in the back of her mind.

She bit her lip to contain her resolve not to hug the lady. No one in the world would know how happy she is at the moment.

This Lady she fell in love with is like a drug to her. Every simple move of this lady is elegant. She have no flaws that she have done in public. Everyone who knows her is calling her the Lady of Elegance fit to sit the throne. However, seeing her like this is somewhat special to Avyanna.

”W-what the? Are you okay? Why are your heart beating so fast? Are you sick? ” Yelena panicked and quickly glance at Avyanna who was covering her own face.

”N-no, Im fine. I just.. let me calm myself down for a moment, My Lady. ”

Yelena stare at Avyanna who was inhaling and exhaling like an idiot she is. But Avyanna couldn concentrate because the person who made her heart flutter is still in front of her.

”What the? Are you finally out of your mind? ” Yelena shivers at the action of the lady.

”No.. Its just. You are truly cute, My Lady. ”

Now, Yelenas face was the one that went beet red.

”W-what the! No, Im not cute! What do you think of me?! I am beautiful! Im a truly exquisite Lady! ”

Avyanna silently laugh because looking at Yelena like she was a cute angry squirrel.

”Okay, okay. ”

Yelena threw a death glare at Avyanna. However, it didn last long when Avyanna suddenly brought her face close to her.

”W-what?! ”

”Lady Yelena is truly an exquisite Lady. ” Avyannas eyes narrowed and have a playful smile plastered on her lips.

Yelena was too stunned as she felt something ticklish in her stomach. She stare at the eyes of the woman like she was being pulled inside and being hypnotized.

”Ah, thats right. Lady, are you looking for me just before those commotion happened? ” Avyanna suddenly asked.

Yelena was stunned and wasn able to answer immediately. She was just back to her senses when Avyanna snap her fingers in front of her.

”Ah, what is it? ” Yelenas attitude changed from the way she was before.

”I was asking is you were looking for me, My Lady? ” Avyanna asked politely.

”Ah, yes, I was. There will be a tea party in three days. I want you to be there. There are ladies who was interested on where you found or bought this dress. I am not helping you because I wanted to. I would just also like to boost my reputation and gain supports to other nobles. No hidden meaning. ” She said directly she turn away and walked. But before she disappear, she said her final words. ”See you in three days, Lady Brooke. ”

And just like that, their conversation ended. Avyanna was left dumb founded at the attitude she was given. Just a moment ago they were alright. What just happened?

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