at are attacking us. She is leaning on a tree trunk.

”I-I do! ”

”Im so happy right now. ” I saw her wide smile but blood is dripping down her chin.

Where am I? Who is this lady? Why is she asking me to be with her for eternity.

”Yena, I love you. ”

”M-me too. ” What the hell are you saying?! What am I saying?! ”Please hold on a little more! Im sure rescue is on the way. Please, hold on. Don leave me, please. ”

”No!! ”

I woke up with my hands reaching out. I feel like Im out of breath. I was sweating so much too.

I rang the bell beside my bed and in just a minute, a maid came inside my room.

”My Lady, you ca– Oh my. My Lady, why are you crying? ”

I stumbled and immediately touch my cheeks. It was wet. Did I cry? But why?

”Get me a change of clothes and a water. ” She immediately ordered as the maid ran away panicking.

I held my head as I felt it throbbing. And my chest is aching so much.

That dream is so strange.

I took a deep sigh and calm my thoughts. Everything in that dream was vivid. But its so strange. Why do I feel affectionate to that woman? Just who is she?

”My Lady, the change of clothes and the water is here. ”

The maid put the pitcher and glass on the side table and gave me the change of clothes. I drank the water on the glass and pour another one. Water was leaking down my chin but I didn care about that. I feel like Im running out of oxygen.

”M-my Lady… ”

I glare at the maid who then shriek and shivered. I calm myself and then face her.

”You can go back. ” I said that made her move swiftly.

I stare at the clothes and help myself on wearing it. After doing so, I went back to my bed and unfortunately I couldn get back to sleep. Im also afraid to go back to sleep. The scenery in that dream felt so real and horrible. I always thought that itll be a piece of cake fighting with monsters. But those faces are scary I want to run away.

I saw light coming from outside the balcony.

The moon sure is bright today.

I went there and sat on the railings. The breeze of the wind is chilly.

”Yena.. ”

A whisper of the wind… Yena.. Is that a nickname for me? Its cute. Whoever the lady was. I was thinking that we have a really strong bond. Like we were really together.

But, how? Who is that woman anyway? What are those I love yous? Why is she asking me to spend eternity with her? What was our relationship? Is that even possible? But I like men. No, I like Roshan.

I let out a loud sigh.

”Goddess of Moon, can you answer my questions? ” I asked while I look up the sky, staring at the moon shinning so bright.

And so, my night that was filled with questions disappeared like it was sway away by the wind. Will I be able to find the answers to everyone of them?

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