Serena The Little Witch

Serena The Little Witch


A quarter turn of a silver key and the house was locked. Serena contemplated her new house,proud of her latest purchase. A now completely furnished house; one that she has for herself.

The house was built in the trunk of a tree. Only the entrance, the front ”porch ” protruded out of trunk. On side was a balcony garden. These could be customised to the owners liking. In Serenas case, the roof was of a muted orange, white walls and a wooden door with a golden, round handle; all framed by green vines.

Smiling with satisfaction, she turned around, a violet cape bellowing behind her. Serena adjusted the brim of her equally violet and cone-shaped hat with one hand while picking up her magical broom with the other. Azu landed on her shoulder cooing in delight. The witch and her familiar nodded to each other before setting out to accomplish their duties for the day.

Witches Grove did not have bridges. Its residents circulated either by flying or by scaling the gigantic trees trunks that ran across the middle section of the forest;the understory. Air traffic was restricted to the canopy in the residential area to avoid unfortunate accidents.

Serena made her way to the shopping ”district ” switching trunks when needed. There she would be able to fly freely. Her step was confident but her mind unsure whether her feet encased in brown leather shoes would stick to the rough, uneven surface. From time to time, Azu would take off but would never go too far.

He spread his small, copper wings, shot into the air and let out a cute, triumphant roar as if he was the chosen hero who had recently defeated their sworn enemy, the Demon King. Although, according to legends, Azu was more fit to stand by the Demon Lords side since he was a dragon. Well, only a baby dragon at the moment.

Serena watched him do so with a small smile on her face.

Halfway to the shopping district, Serena reached Bianca, her friends house. A landing station and half of the house along with a big balcony stuck to the trunk of the tree. The other half was likely hidden within the trunk itself. Biancas house stood out against the green background with its red roof and saffron walls. Same for the balcony; a plethora of lush green,pink, blue and other odd coloured plants spilled out of it, hanging to the now almost completely hidden black rail or hanging in the air.

The witch spotted her friend on the balcony.

”Bianca! ” She greeted.

”Serena! ” the latter replied, tucking strands of blue hair under her glittery fuschia hat. ” Hello, Azu darling. Awww, so cute as always! ” Bianca cupped her hands as the baby dragon approached her. She gently pinched his cheeks and blew him a kiss.

” Here for your monthly stock of potions, I presume? ”

”Yup, thanks. ”

” Aren you excited? Tomorrow you
e finally turning 18! Oh, I can believe you
e gonna be an adult! ” The Potion Witch jumped in excitement. Then she grabbed a small pouch Serena had handed her, ” Its got tons of inventory space, right? Ill throw in one extra cause you
e a regular. ”

” Not cause Im your friend? ” A gentle breeze sent her flaming red hair fluttering to the side.

” Both. ”

They laughed.

” Here, ” Bianca handed Serenas pouch back, ” Mana boosting potions. Enough to hold a whole day in the Dragon Valley and come back. ”

” Thanks, Ben, ” The redhead slipped the pouch in her satchel, ” Ill be going now. Try not to cause an explosion with those whacky potions of yours! ”

” Hey! I was experimenting with new combinations! ”

Giggling, Serena resumed her journey to the shopping district with Azu in tow. Roughly fifteen minutes later, she reached her destination.

Serena heard it before it came in sight. The bustling of the shopping district; liveliest part of Witches Grove. It came as a soft murmur first and grew on and on and on as the redhead approached– into a discordant cacophony. Up to the canopy, the shopping district was filled other residents zooming past each other on their brooms or hovering in a corner for small talk. Wizards and witches would gather at the numerous cafés which were mostly condensed in the middle, a variety of shops decorated the trees up to their leaves while any kind of attraction was at the forest floor and underground level.

One of the most eye-catching attractions was the underground theme park. Its iconic transparent dome made of thick, pentagonal glass panels. It shone gently under the few spots of sunlight which made to the ground. The rollercoaster could be seen.

”Gyuu! ” Azu exclaimed. He hovered next to the witch before diving to the forest floor in direction of the glass dome.

” Azu?! ” Serena called out, startled, ” Wait for me! ” She jumped onto her broom and followed the baby dragon in his wake.

She landed frantically scanning her crowded surroundings for a copper-coloured mini-dragon. The redhead was about to call him when she felt someone hug her from behind. Breaking away from that persons grasp, Serena whirled around bewildered; halfready to confront them. But her initial shock subsided though as she recognised the #1 richest witch in town.

The owner of the underground magical theme park herself, Béatrice.

”Gosh, you scared me, class captain, ” Serena gently scolded her.

” Come on, girl! Still calling me that? ” Béatrice laughed, ” Didja come for a tour of my theme park? ” Wizards and witches could be heard screaming in delight and horror, half muffled by the thickness of the glass dome and wheels clanking against the rails of a rollercoaster.

Béatrice smirked. Her purple eyes sparkled, ” For you my friend, I shall let you enjoy it freely- for today at least. Tomorrows your big day after all, mwahahahaha! ” She put her hands on her hips, ” So? Wanna have a go at it? Well invite the others too as a way to hang out and remember our time at Heather Academy together. ”

”Id love to, ” Serena said, ” But im on duty today…so lets do it tomorrow, okay? ”

Béatrice hugged her, ” Its okay. As long as you promise to enjoy the hell out of it when you come back, kay? Unnie, will be waiting and then we can party till we drop! ”

Azu sat on Serenas shoulder.

” Thanks, little dragon, ” Béatrice winked and Azu smiled like he was Béatrices partner in crime, ” Don forget to watch over my friend. ”

” I need to head to Marigolds workplace. See ya later, Béatrice. ”

” See ya! Tell Marigold I said hello. ”

” Yes! ” Serena flew off to Witches Groves magical library.

After several twists and turns within the traffic routes, Serena and Azu found themselves in a quieter part of the shopping district. There, sunlight gave trees and leaves a grey shine. Coupled with a faint but never-fading fog which hung to the trees, the equivalent of nearby kingdoms Magic Tower, gave off a mysterious almost eerie vibe.

Yet, this place is nicknamed ”Haven ” because of the vast amount of knowledge it holds, brimmed with mana. Natural light was faint here and the only source of lighting available outside was from fireflies, a few generous pixies and fluorescent mushrooms.

As Serena entered Haven, she felt calm and the mana present in the air seemed to soothe her. She slowed down taking in the gigantic library that stood before her. Its roof made of black shillings grazed the canopy. Its massive ebony walls were varnished till they reflected all the golden, orange light that poured out from Havens insides. These same walls dug so deep into the ground that they vanished out of sight; devoured by the fog. The actual height of Haven was unknown. No one dared to estimate its height.

Azu left her, distracted by the fireflies and Nanika after which he chased. It was a game for the baby dragon and the little helpers- those who were free of tasks, at least- would entertain him.

Golden orange particles zoomed out of Haven and reached Serena. It turned out to be a very small, winged being. A chimera would to be more precise. One of the librarys helpers; a Nanika.

It looked like a a doll with thick visible stitches around its body. The chimera had the face of a cat with dog ears and buttons for eyes. Its body was an amalgamation of both pets. The one that attended to Serena was a fusion of Calico cat and a Dalmatian.

Its current appearance was only temporary though. Nanikas external appearance changed in function of who was Havens current apprentice, its would-be Guardian if everything went well. The small helpers design were to reflect the apprentices inner self and would change as the apprentices would grow up and hopefully understand themselves better.

Nanika led Serena through one of the numerous golden arch of Haven. Inside, thousands of other variations of Nanika flew about, busy with their tasks or with attending to other witches and wizards. On the equally wooden floor were ice blue warp tiles placed in such a way that from a birds eye view, it looked like a big snowflake design. This was Havens ”lobby. ” Basically a portal room for the magical librarys exclusive use to travel from floor to floor.

The Haven was home to centuries of knowledge for the Witches Grove; even dating back to when the founder of the Grove, the first Dragon Witch made a pact with the legendary reptiles and settled in this magical forest. Throughout the years the position of the Dragon Witch had been passed down to generations of apprentices (who would not necessarily become the leader of Witches Grove).

A title and great honour that might soon be passed down to me.

This thought made Serena a little bit nervous as she swiftly jumped off her broom and landed in the librarys ”lobby. ”

She followed Nanika further into the lobby towards a warp tile. It was a white tile with a blue pentagon at its center. As soon as Serena stepped on it, a transparent wall with a blue glow surrounded the tile. A list of roman numerals appeared in out of thin air.

” Which floor? Need anyone in particular? ” Nanika asked in a creepy-cutesy voice which would suit a broken doll.

” Id like to meet Marigold, please. ”

”Marigold, ” Nanika repeated, ” The apprentice of the Guardian of Knowledge is currently in the Unicorn Witchs company. Would you like to proceed? ”

Serenas eyes widened in surprised at the mention of the Unicorn Witch.

” Yes, ” she answered trying to hide her excitment.

Nanika pressed its little paw on the button marked with a XXXI.

”Warping to the 31st floor… ”

Everything turned white and when Serena opened her eyes, the roman numerals for 31 appeared in front her and faded away as fast as it came. The glowing wall retreated downwards. Serena stepped off the tile. Before her stood a spiral line of colossal bookshelves in a which glowed with a golden hue, exuding warmth.

Serena took a good minute to take in the sight. She was left in awe every time she came to Haven.

” This way, ” Nanika said. Their bee wings flapped quickly as they led the apprentice Dragon Witch further down the aisle, ” The Tome Witch and Unicorn Witch are further ahead. ”

The redhead followed in Nanikas wake. There was no one else on this floor but Serena was too excited at the idea of meeting Luna, the Unicorn Witch, again to notice . It had been a few years since they had last seen each other but it felt like decades.

The spiral path lead onto the center of the 31st floor and Serena noticed familiar long, wavy, pastel purple hair.

”Luna! ” She immediately called out.

Two girls who were hunched over a pile of books were startled out of their concentration. They whirled around. A pair of gray eyes meeting brown ones as the recognised their friend.

Luna ran and flung herself into Serenas embrace, pastel pink cape fluttering behind her, black heels thrown aside. Both of them spun a bit before being able to halt their momemtum. They laughed, tearing up a bit as they exchanged greetings under Marigolds amused gaze.

The ravenette tipped the brim of her brown, conical hat while making eye contact.

” Good to see you too, Serena, ” her gazed lingered of them for a bit. Then, she directed her attention towards a bookshelf found directly across her.

” How are you, Marigold? Bianca sends her greetings. ”

” Im tired and thanks. ”

” Aren you always? ” Luna joked.

Marigold chuckled. ” It might take a while for me to find the book you asked for, Serena. You guys catch up on what Luna missed out on. ” she walked to a certain bookshelf.

” Don take too long. Im going somewhere near Dragon Valley. ” Luna said.

” Eh? ” Serena exclaimed, ” What? Im going too…Im on duty today. Nyx-samas orders. ”

They separated and Serena squeezed Lunas hand, ” Its been so long… ”

The Unicorn Witch teared up, ” I know, ” she muttered.

” If only we didn have to move along with the herd… ” she sighed,

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