Jack lashed at his table in frustration. ”So they think this is it right, who did they think they are, those dull tycoons at edge games ” he said, slamming his hand on the window. ”Those idiots, they think they know better than me, well guess what, Im the best in game and Ill always be the best gaming genius in the world ”. He said shouting in anger. ”at least Ill be better with my game and when Im done, theyll go down to number zero, they won even know what hit them ha— ”, he was interrupted by the knock on the door.

”Come in ” he said

A tall blonde woman dressed in a red gown comes in looking distressed.

”is everything all right sir, I heard your voice from my front desk ” said Sally.

”Everything is fine, just go back to work ”, he said, with a smile on his face.

”Is there anything youd like me to do ”

”No nothing ”

”Alright sir, Ill just head back to what I was doing ”.

”Better, when I need your attention, Ill call you and then I almost forgot, tell robin to meet me at my office before 5:30 ”

”Alright sir, Ill do that ” said Sally, closing the door from behind.

”These people, they don even know what gaming is ” he said, bringing a poster from the table.

”My game proposal was the best so far, but they just don see it, everything was at hand, the proposal was prefect, the visuals, the animation, the color, the people, the storyline, just name it, it was God damn good, said jack, holding a paper, tearing it and throwing it into the trash can. ”I don know what else to do, Ive tried but its all just tumbling down. He picked up the magazine from the table and stared at it. ”diva glam, Id love to see you make it on game stores ”. He threw the magazine in the trashcan.

Jack Carisi was an average man in height with brown hair and short mustache, growing up in Portland was a lot to him, at the age of five, he started drawing cartoons and animations, as the years passed by, he soon realized that he had a thing for technology and games, at the age if 14, he lost his mum in a car accident, while being found at the back seat strapped to a seat belt in a ditch, the doctors called it a miracle having survived in the accident. His father was an accountant, his younger sister, Elizabeth was just 12 at the time enrolling for sophomore, the death of their mom really devastated them a lot. When he was done with high school, he decided it was time to focus on his passion, he studied game design and animation at the university of North Carolina and when he was done, he came back to Portland and launched a gaming Company M5 GAMES at northeast sandy boulevard, with him being the founder. He had a cofounder Sandra Monlitten.

M5 games consisted of a two story building, the ground floor was occupied with junior staffs of games animators, game designers, audio engineers, front desk officer, software engineers, game developers, game programmers all moving in different directions holding tabs, iPad, laptops, music sheets, animations and cartoons, books thinking about ideas for an upcoming game. Then the next floor was occupied with senior staffs of marketing officers, senior audio engineers, interpreters and translators, game play testers, receptionist, senior game programmers, software developers , then at the left wing side was the secretarys desk and the right wing side was Jack Carisis office.

Jack looked at his wrist watch ” its 5:10 already, see how time flies ”. He peeped out from the window then opened the door. ”Sally ”.

”Yes sir ”. Said Sally, standing up from her chair.

”Call robin, tell him to come right now to my office and tell Donald to bring in my favorite but no waffles these time around ”.

”Ill do that sir ”.


Earlier this month, a game company, Gintech games reached out to Jack, telling him about a game contest, the requirements for the game and the rewards. All he needed to do was to submit a game proposal.

The next day, he called everyone together and told them about the contest, they held meetings, brought in ideas, storyline, visual effects, animation and game design.

”this is perfect ”, he said to the junior and senior team. ”Make a proposal for the game, thats also a part of the requirements, This is our first and biggest contest so far, I want it detailed, every part mu

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