”The game was a hit ”, said Steven holding the iPad, ”we are now in the market, its now on Google play and other games website ”.

”Wow fantastic, Im happy that this game is a success, soon people will be downloading the game and thats more money ”. Said Jack.

”Not only that, pixleberry studios wants to partner with us too, they gave us a proposal ”. Said James.

”Wonderful, just drop it on my table, Ill go through it later ”.

”Yes boss ”. He said, walking down the stairs.

”So now, all we need is more publicity and marketing, if we can hit that, then booom, well be skyrocketing in the game market ”.

”Sure ”. Said Steven.

”So get the publicity team, let me have a talk with them ”.

”Yes, Ill tell them ”.


”Mark, you have to get to bed early, your flight leaves by tomorrow morning ”.

”I know mum, I just finished parking, I want to go see Sarah ”.

”Okay but hurry up, its late already ”.

”Alright mom, I won stay long ”.

Mark crossed the road and walked towards the house, he stepped on the pouch and walked towards the door way, he pressed the switch hanged across the wall and it rang, the door opened.

”Good evening, Mrs. heather ”.

”Good evening, Mark, how are you?

”im good ”.

”Well hows your sister and your mom ”.

”They are fine ”.

”Is Sarah in, I stopped by to see her ”.

”Sure, come on in ”.

”Thanks ”. Said Mark, stepping into the house.

”Make your self at home, let me go get my daughter ”. She said, climbing up the stairs. ”Sarah, Sarah, Mark is here, he stopped by to see you.

”Im coming mum ”. Said Sarah from upstairs.

”Sarah is coming down soon, shes just busy, so Ill just leave you two ”.

”Thanks Mrs. heather ”.

”Once again, you
e welcome ”.

A tall slim lady dressed in green tops and black pants came running down the stairs.

”So what do you have for me ”.

”Nothing, I just came by to see you ” said Mark, smiling.

”Oh, well thanks for coming by, come on lets sit at the couch ”.

”Yeah ”.

”So do you care for anything water, juice, food ”.

”No Im fine ”. Said Mark, sitting down on the sofa. ”I just wanted to tell you Ill be leaving for Portland, my flight leaves early in the morning ”.

”Wow, thats right I almost forgot, the acceptance letter to Portland state university, its so fast, Im happy for you ”.

”Yeah I know and Im really going to miss you ”.

”I know, Mark, Portland is a big city and you are really going to love it ”.

”Thats what my mum tells me ”. Said Mark, smiling

”Hows your mum and Laura by the way ”.

”They are fine ”.

”I mean like how are they taking the whole you going to Portland ”.

”Yes, my mum, shes cool with it, even my sister but they are going to miss me ”.

”I know but don worry you will be fine ”.

”So how are you lately, are there any plans for college yet ”.

”Im not ready yet, you know I applied to New York University but they rejected my application, I wasn accepted, so Im learning this Vocational skill and Im also helping my mom in her work, so Ive not just gotten the mind for college ”.

”Ohh right, you told me about that but I didn know that you weren accepted ”.

”Ohh, its fine maybe its just fate or maybe Im just destined to stay here in Mississippi ”.

”Dont say that Sarah, you will be fine, everything is going to be okay ”. He said, holding her hand.

”Yeah I know, so what course do you want to go and study ”.

”Theatre and dance ”.

”Wow thats nice ”. Said Sarah, holding Marks shoulders. ”So Im going to call you, so don miss me too much ”.

”Well if you say so, Sarah ”. He said smiling.

”So let me see you off, I want to go check up on my mum ”.

”Okay, let me leave you then ”.

”Thanks for stopping by Mark ”.

”Sure, you are welcome ”.


It was 9pm, Jack sat on his sofa resting, he laid his head on the pillow, moments later, he heard footsteps coming from the kitchen, he stood up.

”Hello, is anybody there? ”

The footsteps continued.

”I said whos there, I don know who you are but you have to get out of my house ”. Said jack, walking slowly. The footsteps became louder and louder.

”This is my property and you are trespassing, Im going to call the police ”.

There was a sound, the noise of glass shattering emancipated from the kitchen, jack walked slowly towards the drawer and brought out a gun.

”You need to get out now, I have a gun and Im going to shoot you ”. He said, looking scared.

When he entered the kitchen, he looked around, there was no one, he walked around, looked down and discovered pieces of glass plate shattered on the floor.

”Its probably just these stupid raccoons or squirrels running around, they came last week and they are back again, I guess Ill just have to call animal control first thing tomorrow morning ”.

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