”Sir, you asked Patrick to call us ”. Said the lady dressed in a green gown.

”Yes, I called the two of you concerning the publicity of the game, please the two of you can sit down ”.

”Thanks boss ”. Said the man and the lady in unison.

”So I just want to know how far have you and the others been promoting the game, like making it public ”.

”We have been creating ads for the game on the internet and on other games for instance people browsing the internet get to see the game ads and even players playing other games gets to see our game ads ”. Said Judith.

”And how many players do we have so far, how many have downloaded the game ”. He said, getting a pen and a piece of paper.

”So far we only have ten players so far ”.

”its kind of poor, Michael I want you guys to work hard, lets do more publicity on the game like running more adverts, more electric banners for this game, so by the end of the month, well have like 100 players on the game and our review will be high so we can make more improvements ”. He said, staring at Michael.

”Yes Mr. Jack ”. He said.

”Good but so far, the game is okay, the visuals, characters, episodes and designs are perfect, keep up the good work ”.

”Thanks Sir ”. Said Judith.

”Well keep on trying our best ”. Said Michael.

”You can go ”.


Mark sat on his sofa with his laptop placed on his thighs, suddenly his phone rang, he looked at the screen and picked up the call.

”Hello Sarah ”.

”Hey Mark, hows everything? ”.

”Everythings fine, its been a while ”.

”Yeah I know ”.

”I just called to check up on you ”.

”Thats great ”.

”Hows studies going? ”.

”Studies is going on well, I was working on an assignment on my laptop when you called me ”.

”Oh, I didn mean to disturb you ”.

”Its fine, Hows family? ”.

”Family is okay but my mum is sick ”.

”Oh Im so sorry, what happened ”.

”She came down with a fever ”.

”O my, I didn know ”

”Don worry shell be fine, shes getting better ”.

”Oh yeah and hows work ”.

”Work is fine ”.

”By the way have you heard from your mum ”.

”Yeah I just called her last week, shes fine, my sister even called me, they are all fine ”.

”So hows Portland? ”.

”Portland is fine, cool at least Im knowing places, making friends and all that ”.

”Lucky for you ”.

”Two weeks ago, the school did a welcome party for all freshman, there was so much drinks, foods, I really enjoyed the party ”. He said, smiling.

”Good for you, so do you stay in campus ”.

”Nope, I stay off campus, I rented an apartment ”.

”Wow, thats dope ”. She said, giggling.

”Thanks ”.

”Im happy you are feeling at home and getting to know Portland better ”.

”Portland is cool so far ”.

”Where in Portland do you stay ”.

”Park avenue west, thats where I base ”.

”Oh good ”

”You did well by checking up on me, so say hello to your mum for me ”.

”I will, alright take care and be safe ”.

”Alright, you too, take care ”.


”Happy birthday Laura ”. Said the people in unison.

”Wow, my friends thank you, I don really know what to say ”.

”its your birthday so just be happy ”. Said Zack.

The living room was decorated with balloons and designs, little kids ran around playing with toy guns, on the table sat a cake decorated with LAURA and candles lit with fires.

”Im so happy and I don even know what to say, Im speechless, I never knew this was the surprise you had coming for me, thank you everyone for coming ”. She said.

”Laura, its time for you to make a wish, come on make a wish ”.

”Ok, Zach Ill make a wish ”.

There was a bolt of excitement and applause from the room.

Laura walked towards the cake and whispered on it, in a second, she blew the fire off. She took a knife from the table and cut the cake.

”Now Ive made my wish ”.

”Im coming, let me get small plates and party cups ”. Said Zach.

”Yeah ”. She said.

Zach held small plates and walked towards the table, he put the plates down, held the knife and cut the cake in pieces, sharing it bit by bit in each plates, after he was done, he began to give it out to each person.

”Laura, Im sorry that I can stay, theres been a change of plans, I got to run, so this is my gift for you ”. Said Danielle, handing the wrapped box over to her.

”Thanks, I do appreciate ”.

”Happy birthday Laura ”. She said, hugging her.

”No problem, you can go, Zack and I will handle things, do have a wonderful day, thanks for coming ”.

”So when I get home, Ill call you later ”.

”Laura, the phone, Mr. and Mrs. Bullock wants to talk to you ”. Said Zack, holding the phone.

”Hold on, one second ”. She said, looking over to him.

”Alright dear, bye ”. Said Danielle, kissing her cheeks.

Laura walked towards Zack and took the phone from him.

”Hello Mrs. Bullock ”.

”Hello Laura, hows your day going ”.

”Its fine ”.

”Its been a while ”.

”I know ”.

”We didn forget your birthday, sweetheart ”.

”Oh, that ”.

”Sweetie, you think me and my husband would forget, not a chance ”.

”I don know what to say ”.

”You don need to say anything, So hows life been? ”.

”Im alright, Ive got a job now, things are fine with me and Zack ”.

”Thats wonderful, so I and my husband would be coming later in the evening to see you ”.

”Wonderful, Me and Zack would be expecting you ”.

”Hows the birthday party going ”.

”Its going well, my friends are here ”.

”Soon, Well stop by ”.

”Till then ”.

Laura cut the call and hanged the phone on the wall.

”Zack, Mr. and Mrs. Bullock are stopping by today ”. She said, walking towards him.

”Did they say when ”.

”Yeah by evening ”.

”Okay, and by the way I got this for you ”.

”Oh Zack, this is so nice of you ”. She said, collecting the present from him.

”This is nothing, you worth the whole world, youve always been there for me ever since our parents died ”.

”Thanks, Zach ”.

”Ill always love you sister ”. He said, hugging Laura.


Sunna chu dressed in white top and black pants sat on the long bench at Washington park.

”Endless play, this game would be very interesting, I think it would be fun, let me download it ”. She said, touching the screen of her phone.

She brought her phone further up in sight as she zoomed in.

”Endless play is an episode to episode game where you play each chapters, sounds exciting to me, according to the game section ”. Said Sunna to her self.

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