Sex with demons

History of lust

Most of us know a country called Egypt, its history is well know by all religions, Muslim, Christian and Hindus.The country went in to books of records years back when the people of Israel were slaves in the country.Slaves,who are bought from people, abducted,stolen,smuggled and others sold by one country .These people are considered worthless,animals and other people do not consider them as humans.Due to the oppression that they go through,they work in a hardship work being beaten and given alot of work with little pay that cannot even survive with for one day.The slaves goes through alot e.g go hungry for days, brutality, sexually abused and mostly they were not allowed to have sex most of the time in order to belittle their population.This caused others who were married and others who were not to start this act of masturbation and because they felt good and satisfied they saw it as a good act of ending their grief.This was practiced by both men and women


Sodom and Gomorrah the cities which were destroyed by God because of the sexual behaviors they were doing,men sleeping with fellow men,sex in the street and sex with all kind of people was the talk and action everywhere.This caused God to be angry enough to take action of destroying the whole cities by frame of mighty fire.If the whole cities were destroyed because of this act and the Holy Bible and Holy koran do not talk about this act of masturbation in the city ,the Bible also tells us
ot everything was written in the Bible because if it was written all the Book wouldn have accommodate everything and therefore according to my view the act of also done in the town.

True Facts of where Masturbation Began.

According to an article written written by Mildred Europa Taylor 2018 May 03, ”Ancient Egypt are known to have so many gods, b

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