There were two theories about the goddess from the Virgo constellation.
The sword likely represented the goddess of justice, Astrea.
And the wheat was for the goddess of harvest, Demeter.
In other words, this trial would take elements from both.

‘Welcome to the Virgo trial-nyon! This trial may seem complicated, but it’s actually very simple-nyon! From here, all of you will go inside of the Four Seasons Phantom Tree! There are dungeons inside! And just like the outside, they are based on the four seasons-nyon!’

So the last trial was a dungeon.
That was better than ending on a mini game.

‘As there are four, each dungeon is not very long-nyon! However, you will have to clear all four in order to acquire the medal-nyon! Each dungeon has its own boss.
And you cannot leave unless you clear it or declare defeat! And then you will have to start again from the first dungeon-nyon!’

So you couldn’t clear one and then rest before tackling the next one.
In order to acquire the medal, you had to go through and finish all four at once, and defeat four bosses.

‘The requirements for the special reward are quite tough-nyon! Every boss drops a ‘seasonal flower’ upon dying.
If you pick it up, then a flower will grow on your head-nyon! So if you defeat all four bosses and pick up the flowers, you will have four flowers-nyon! In order to receive the special rewards, you have to keep all those flowers blooming on your head and return to the central floor-nyon!’

That would suggest that after the flowers bloomed, they could die.
As I suspected, Charin started to talk about how the flowers could be damaged.

‘The seasonal flowers will die if attacked by the enemy-nyon! So the petals won’t fall off if you shake your head or bash it against the wall-nyon! Furthermore, it will be able to withstand being grazed a little! However, it will die without mercy if the attack hits it directly-nyon! And there is no way to revive it, so be very careful when defeating the bosses-nyon!’

That meant that players who wanted the special rewards would have to redo the dungeons if the flowers were damaged…

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While this depended on the length of the dungeons and strength of the bosses and enemies, just hearing about it sounded tiring.
However, I had acquired every special reward up until now.
So there was no way that I could change that on the last trial.
I would show them and clear every trial and receive every special reward…!

The dungeon entrance was a great door in the trunk of the tree.
There was something very fantastical about a man-made door in a tree, which was the product of nature.
The players were then swallowed up by the open door.
I was one of them.
And like that, the challenge of the Four Seasons Phantom Tree dungeon began.

As it was a dungeon, players were separated in their own dungeons.
The only one here with me was Garbow.
I climbed the spiral staircase made with the roots of the tree, and then I reached the center floor that Charin had talked about.
The floor was shaped like a circle, and there were four doors in each direction.

The pink door for Spring, the green for Summer, the red for Autumn, and the white for Winter.
I had to defeat the boss that was at the end of the dungeon so that a flower would bloom.
Once I had all four, then I was to return to this floor.

It was different from the dungeon where I would receive the medal as soon as I defeated the boss.
Yes, this seemed like it would be very difficult…
My final trial.
So, which season should I start with…!

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