ames that had enemy NPCs that were like monsters.
Normal adventuring in NSO was like that.

PvP was Player vs Player.
Like with the Battle Royale and Turf War.

Charin was saying that my fighting style was flawed in PvP.
…To be honest, I had an idea of what she was talking about!

‘The battlefield is this entire Serpent Palace.
So you can get off of this stone stage if you want.
As for what position to start at, you can also decide.
My starting position is on this stage…so why don’t you go to that rocky mountain over there? You can start fighting with some distance between us.’

Charin pointed to the outer area of the Serpent Palace.
If I wanted to make use of my Range and shoot someone who was in the center of the stage, then there was no better position.
That showed how much she understood my style.

“Alright, I’ll do that then.”

And so I didn’t argue with her.
I didn’t think about possible traps.
If I was stubborn and tried to start from a different position, I would only be at a disadvantage.
Besides, I had been eyeing that rock from the beginning.
Perhaps I could win if I camped there…

‘Alright, you will be warped!’

And so I was teleported to the top of the rock.
Yes, it gave me a good view of the stage and there was nothing blocking my line of sight.

Charin would probably start running towards me as soon as the fight began.
If she took the shortest route, she would have to go through the forest and cross the river.
If I couldn’t take her down before she reached the bottom of the rock, then I would use Warp Arrow to escape to a different highground.

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And then attack her from there as she comes towards me.

It was a rather boring and crude strategy, but that’s the only way I could make use of my Range.
No matter how high my stats or how strong my weapons, it would be pointless if I couldn’t attack.
I just needed to survive for 30 minutes in order to win.
And so I had to chip away from a distance!

‘Are you ready? The battle will start in 10 seconds!’

Charin’s voice echoed around the Serpent Palace.
And then the countdown started.
10…9… I could even hear the voice coming from the ground below us.

That’s right.
You were able to watch the battle from the fountain plaza as well!
I wished that I hadn’t remembered that…
People watching it live added even more pressure.
I was nervous… But I couldn’t allow it to get the best of me now!

“Yeah, come at me…!”

I roused myself with my own words.
And then the countdown went to 0.

‘Battle Start! Here I come! Collect Boots Pisces Ver.NSO!’

The armor around Charin’s legs changed.
They were now boots that were covered in fish scales and splashing water patterns on them.

‘Jump! Like the Pisces constellation!’

Charin then disappeared from my vision.
No, she had moved an unbelievable distance with just one step!
She had lept and was moving right towards me!
However, that meant that for a moment, her feet were not on the ground.

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And you could not change direction when in the air!

“Burning Arrow Storm!”

I fired off a storm of arrows right into her trajectory.
They were as fast as bullets and would be impossible to dodge.
And so Charin charged right into the numerous exploding bullets!

“Alright! The first hit!”

And it was a big one!
It was great that I was able to make this quick decision and use my trump card so early when I had the chance.
Clearly my fighting sensibilities had been polished through all this fighting…!

No, I wouldn’t praise myself any more than that.
Even I knew that she was far from defeated.
I needed to unleash a follow up attack…

‘You have one flaw… You are completely lacking in caution towards counters.
It’s quite common in players with these skills.’

The storm of arrows…was being sucked in!
Towards the two swords that Charin was wielding…!

‘Synchro! Like the Gemini constellation! Collect Sword Gemini Ver.NSO!’

Once all of the arrows were absorbed, the two swords glowed.
Charin didn’t take any damage as far as I could see.
Had she really nullified the attack completely…!?

‘But someone with your style should be especially cautious.
After all, if one returned the same attack as it is, then the range would also be the same.
It will reach you even if you’re far away! Collect Burst Burning Arrow Storm!’

Her blades lit up even more brightly and then unleashed numerous arrows.
This… She really was returning Burning Arrow Storm right back at me!
My trump card had backfired…!

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