Data.102 – Oldbowman, Ophiuchus Conclusion

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Charin’s shield vanished and she charged at me with just her boots.
Apparently, the shield was quite heavy, and affected her mobility.

“Burning Arrow!”

The ground of the Serpent Palace was made to be natural, and was covered in soft dirt.
And since the explosions had created holes everywhere, your footing would be unstable.
But she would have to kick off the ground when jumping.
So the uneven ground would mean that she couldn’t jump as far!

Now that she wasn’t as fast, I just had to attack!
At first, my eyes were not used to Charin’s speed, but now I could manage to follow her movement.
Though, it was less about my eyesight being improved and more about being able to read her movements.
As she was mainly jumping, her trajectory was generally in a straight line.
And so I could guess where she would land and shoot my arrows.

Kiririri… Shu!

I hit her.
I could hit her!
However, it was just one out of many shots.
I would still miss, and sometimes she would knock them out of the air with her whip.
Even while moving at that speed, she could see my arrows.
That was an AI for you.
They had inhuman eyesight and reflexes…!

She was closer to me now.
Without an advance guard, it was impossible to stop her.
And so…I would give up!

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“You’re a last boss, alright… I don’t think I can win while solo…”

I lowered my bow and relaxed my body.

‘Then accept your fate quietly!’

Charin’s dual blades appeared again.
The swords had round glass that were the same size as the medals set into the handguards.
They shone when absorbing a charge attack or countering.
But now, there were numbers on them.
And the numbers were getting smaller.
It was likely…the cooldown!

That’s what I wanted to know.
Because if she could spam that counter, then my plan won’t work!

Charin was approaching.
Her facial expression had never looked more severe.
Come…just a little more…
I’ll take you down with a ‘prohibited technique.’

“In Fight Arrow Storm!!”

In Fight Arrow, which grew stronger the closer the enemy, and Arrow Storm, for a fused charge attack…!
While it went against my personal style, it was the first arrow skill that I acquired.
It had helped me out many times before.
If I shot it at such a close distance, even Charin wouldn’t be able to withstand it!

Arrow Storm was a charge attack that unleashed numerous arrows like a storm, but since its area of effect was so large, it wasted a lot of arrows when used against one person.
However, at such close range, I would be able to hit the target before the arrows spread out.

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In other words, it too was more powerful when up close.

For me, fighting at close range was like a ‘prohibited technique.’
And so no one would be able to predict it…I think.

Charin discarded her blades at the last moment and jumped right over me.
As it really was in the last possible moment, her legs did not escape the attack, and arrows pierced into them.
She may not be able to stand now.
But it was too late.
I had taken a chance and lost…!

‘Hunt! Like the Leo constellation! Collect Axe Leo Ver.NSO!’

A virtical flash.
My head, neck, chest, waist, down my legs, the axe was swung.
As I had allowed her to get close, I had to take her down or I would lose.
The battle would be decided in a second.

If I could get a clean hit, then I would win.
If she dodged it, then I would lose.
Well, that was really just my own speculation.
It was possible that my attack wouldn’t have killed her anyway…
Charin was a special boss, so her HP gauge was invisible…

Ah, it made me more angry than I thought it would…!
Because I had seen the possibility of doing it solo…
Part of me thinks that I should be happy.
I had done well.
But right now, I am more angry with myself.

My body started to glow.
In a moment, I would fall towards the ground below, just like Buckler and his party.

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However, I suppose I had time to talk with Charin a little.

“How did you know what I was going to do?”

‘I didn’t.
At least, not until the very last moment.
After all, I was very angry and was going to just chop your head right off.’

“Ahaha…that’s horrifying…”

‘But when our eyes met, I sensed an intensity that I hadn’t seen before.
It wasn’t the eyes of someone who had actually given up.
And then I remembered.
You’re not the kind of player to do that.
Even if you knew you were going to lose.’

“I see… That means I could have won, if I pretended to be a more pitiful old man.”

But I was at the point where there was no hiding my ability.
I had probably been showing off without even realizing it.
My ability as someone who used to develop games…no, as a gamer…

Well, it didn’t matter.
Because I still lost…
And so I fell down like a meteor.

◆ ◆ ◆

‘Phew…I managed to win!’

After telling him that he couldn’t win so many times, I would have been an embarrassment to high-power AIs if I lost.
A solo player had already beaten me, and I did not want there to be a second one.
It was different from losing to a party of four from a famous guild.

Still, a lot of players are challenging me now.
The Straight Knights had the right idea, but the way they fought was too predictable.
Their formations were so clear that once their mobility was disrupted, they were unable to recover.

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They needed to change their tactics a little in order to defeat me.

That was something the old guy did a lot.
It was impressive how he kept thinking of different strategies while always being pressed back…

Though, I was most surprised by his accuracy.
Near the end of the fight, he had calmly kept up with my speed when using Collect Boots Pisces.
I had shot back his arrows as well, and though it came down like rain, I wasn’t able to direct it at my target that quickly.
Because of this, I couldn’t attack the man in the clouds, and ended up getting hit by Garbow…

Leaving aside how awkward it is to unleash arrows from a sword, there is no doubt that he is better at handling them than an artificial intelligence like me.
He was close to the ‘real deal’…

Even then, it would still be very difficult for him to beat me with that style.
In order for the rear guard to make use of their true power, they needed a brilliant advance guard to match them.
Unless he realizes that he won’t make it any further with just Garbow, he will not be able to win.
And his surprise strategy will not work again.
An AI won’t be hit by the same technique twice!

…Hmm? Same technique?
Now that I thought about it, I think he had used Arrow Storm fused charge attacks twice.
But didn’t they have a 5 minute cooldown…?

In other words, we had fought for more than 5 minutes.
I had declared that it would be over by that time, so I had broken my word…

Really…that old man is unbelievable-nyon!!’

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