Data.107 – Old Bowman, The Real Final Battle

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‘Now, just like the last time, you can choose where you want to start!’

As for this, we had decided in advance.
I would start on the rocky mountain, same as before.
And I positioned Garbow right at the bottom.
Satomi was in front of him, a short distance away, and Necoco was even farther out.

This formation seemed like the best way to keep Charin away.
It meant that I was being relied on, so the responsibility was great.
However, I was strangely calm.

This formation makes your intentions very clear! Are you sure you want to do it like this?’

“We’re fine!”

Necoco replied.
Charin nodded and then started the countdown.
The 10 seconds passed by quickly.

‘Battle Start! Now, let’s see how long your new party can last! I won’t be holding back!’

Charin had fought many parties at this point.
And so it was clear to her that we lacked experience.

‘Since there are 4 of you, I will wear all of my armor!’

Charin equipped her boots, robe, and helm.
This was the full Collect Zodiac set.
And her weapons were the dual blades.
They seemed to be her basic weapon.

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As Charin approached, Necoco dashed forward and then vanished.
Invisible Cat Walk was a charge attack that allowed her to become invisible as long as she was running at top speed.
She was good at using this to get close to an enemy and slashing their neck with her sharp claws before they noticed her.

Satomi also disappeared at nearly the same time.
He was using a charge attack called Unmoving Invisible Stance, which not only made him invisible, but erased his hitboxes when he stayed still.
His fighting style involved using his Monsters Link skill to control his Unison, Gochu.
While Monsters Link was activated, Satomi’s status overwrote Gochus’s, meaning the fire magic he was unleashing now was very powerful.

While I was happy to have them with me, as they were both invisible, it did make me feel a little lonely on the field…
I could only see Garbow and Gochu, so it looked like I was the Unison trainer.
However, I did know that they were there and fighting!
And so I would continue to shoot my arrows!

‘Your coordination isn’t bad.
People always tend to focus on what they can see.
By erasing the advance and middle guard, the remaining rear guard attracts the most attention.
But it’s not as if the advance and middle guard are not there.
This way of creating confusing situations would be very effective in PvP… However!’

Charin hopped forward and then stepped hard into the dirt with both feet.
In the next instant, the ground started to ripple…! Just like water!
Was this a charge attack from the boots…!?

‘I’ve dealt with all those attacks when you fought solo! While you may be coordinated, you are all continuing to use the same tactics! You cannot beat me like that!’

As the ground rippled, their charge attacks were deactivated.
Necoco could not run at full speed when the ground was moving, and since Satomi was moved by the ground, he could not remain invisible.
As the two stood there, stunned, Charin began her attack.

“Explosive Sky Tear!”

It was a fused charge attack, Burning Arrow and Sky Tear.

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I was targeting her hand.
Because her body was covered in armor and so the damage would be reduced.
Not only would her bare hand take damage, but she won’t be able to hold the weapon for a short while, so it was two birds with one stone!

‘I can read your movements!’

Charin blocked the arrow with her dual blades.
However, I too knew she was going to do that.
She would probably use the Collect Sword effect to send it right back to me.
In the meantime, Necoco and Satomi recovered.
I had bought them some time, and if she used the effect of Collect Sword, then that meant the advance guard didn’t have to worry about being countered.

I would also be able to use an Arrow Storm fused charge attack without it being returned, but considering Necoco and Satomi’s position, I would have to be careful so that I didn’t hit them.
Perhaps the best way would be to do what I did last time, and make it rain arrows where I knew she would land after jumping towards me…

I moved while constantly thinking ahead.
In order to avoid the Explosive Sky Tear that would come back, I lay down on top of the mountain and prepared my next…

‘Come, Axe!”

Charin defied my prediction and put away her dual blades.
And then she brought out an axe and held it like a baseball batter.
The axe blade was enveloped in golden light and grew larger…
She was going to swing at Necoco and Satomi with it!

“Spider Shooter Cloud! Web Cloud Arrow!”

I changed my weapon and unleashed the skill.
In that stance, she would not be able to avoid the sticky net!

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However, the heat that was emitted from the axe’s blade burned up the net.
In that case…

“Old man! Don’t forget our promise!”

Necoco shouted as she shook on the rippling ground.
It wasn’t to assure me, but more of a warning.
She probably had a plan then.
In that case, I just had to do my job!

Charin was charging up for an attack, and so I continued to shoot at her.
But her expression did not change at all when being hit, and the arrows barely made a scratch.
However, there was probably a different reason for this.
They didn’t want Charin, who was a pretty girl character, to be covered in blood and wounds…

So the attacks were likely more effective than it seemed.
I just had to keep shooting…!

‘Charge Attack – Lion King Nimbus!’

The giant blade of light mowed down everything around her.
It was such a fast and sharp swing, that the light could still be seen, which made it look like a ring of light was around her.
Of course, Necoco and Satomi were within range of it.
But…I couldn’t see them.


Charin fell to her knees.
Five slashes appeared on her neck.
Like she had been scratched by claws…

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“I wanted to hide this.
At least, during a fight where there was a large audience… But I had no choice.”

Necoco reappeared…looking very different.
She had two tails, and her arms and legs were much more catlike.
And her eyes were lined with red.
She looked like…some kind of yokai!

“Yokai Transform: Nekomata… It changes your race from human to Nekomata!”

So this was Necoco’s trump card…!
She went from being a cat girl to a cat monster…

“Since Charin killed us so quickly last time, we didn’t show our full power.
Well, not that I think it would have been enough to win on our own.
So it worked out in the end.”

Satomi was alive as well!
He appeared after the ring of light faded.
He was talking while bent backwards, as if doing the limbo dance.
Had he dodged the attack like that?
Being able to instinctively dodge a swing by bending your body.
It was like something from a movie…

“This is my secret move, Auto-Battle Mode, which allows me to fight without thinking, for the ultimate relaxation.
I can talk, but my body is not my own now.
I wonder what will happen next?”

Auto battle existed in a lot of games.
But it was a skill in NSO!?
That was very unusual indeed…
But definitely interesting…!

I didn’t know much about either skills, but it was their trump cards, so they must be very powerful.
However, being powerful always meant big demerits…
And so I held back my excitement and calmed myself.
The fight had only just begun.

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