Data.108 – Old Bowman, Desperate Battle of the Ghosts

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Still, being able to change your race was certainly impressive.
You could only make humans in the NSO character creator, so everything else could only be seen as monsters.
To think that you could change into them with a skill…

In the case of Nekomata, the change wasn’t so dramatic that she looked like a demi-human.
It was more like a high-grade cosplay.
However, it was clear that her physical abilities had gone way up.
My guess was that status-wise, her Attack and Speed had risen.

Furthermore, she was now able to perform special actions.
Specifically, a double jump!
A move that was common in action games but impossible in real life.
Even in NSO, ordinary players could not do it.

But Necoco could jump in the air twice.
That meant kicking off of the ground, and then jumping in the air twice after that.
Not only that, but her body was accelerating at the same time, so she became invisible like when using Invisible Cat Walk.
So she could jump around an enemy without being seen, and launch a chain of attacks like some kind of ninja.

This evolved invisible attack made it seem like she was toying with Charin.
However, she quickly noticed its weakness.
While she was invisible and fast, in the end, Necoco had to come close in order to claw at her.
So if she ‘placed’ an attack in the way, then Necoco would get caught in it.

‘Collect Wand Libra Ver.NSO! Judge! Like the Libra constellation!’

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Charin’s new weapon was a long stick that had round gems attached to each end.
Every time she waved this wand, spheres of light appeared in the air.
The spheres were suspended, without floating up or sinking.
They were like aerial magic mines that exploded when any shock was applied to them.

Obviously, they exploded when hit by arrows, so I had to be extra careful as I continued to shoot.
Well, the arrows were thin, and thanks to the effect of Star Area Range, I could slightly alter their trajectory after unleashing them.
So it wasn’t too hard to shoot through the spheres and hit Charin.

However, it was a different matter for Necoco.
She may have been slim, but it was not possible for her to slide through the mines, attack, and then move away.
And so she would hit the spheres and be blown into the air, or use all of her jumps and become visible near Charin, which resulted in her being hit by the staff.

And Charin’s attacks were merciless.
She would target the head in order to do more damage, and would also attack the legs in order to prevent her from jumping.
When it came to ordinary close-range combat, Charin was much stronger.
And so, while it would be harder, Necoco had no choice but to try and ambush her repeatedly.

In the meantime, Satomi and Gochu were supporting her.
Satomi’s Auto Battle Mode reminded me of old AIs.
It would sometimes move strangely, like going close to the mines and then backing away and wandering around.
It wanted to attack Charin, but must have decided that it couldn’t go through the spheres and attack her.
However, it was especially quick with reacting to attacks, and so even when Charin targeted it with her guns and cannons, it was able to dodge them with agile footwork.

Currently, AI Satomi’s main role was healing.
As he had a job that relied on Unisons, he had numerous healing methods.
And so if Gochu or Necoco were even a little bit hurt, he would react immediately and heal them while dodging attacks.
Perhaps this was the ideal kind of healer.

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On the other hand, Gochu continued to eliminate the bothersome spheres of light with skills.
I could tell that he was attacking in a way so that the explosions would hit Charin but not Necoco.
As he was a monkey-type Unison, he was very intelligent.
Even the movements were similar to that of a player.

“…Our pace is pretty good.”

To be honest, we were doing great, creating patterns and facing Charin.
Attack, heal, support…the wheels were turning smoothly.
The spheres of light was a powerful offensive and defensive skill, but Charin was also trapped inside and unable to move around.

Ultimately, our main objective of keeping her away was being accomplished.
If we could maintain it, then her health should eventually be depleted…
If it continued…

Necoco looked like she was getting impatient.
And while Satomi looked expressionless, I could tell that he was gritting his teeth more than before.
My guess was that her Nekomata form and his Auto Battle had time limits.
And so their desire to finish this quickly was showing on their face.

Soon, one of them would do something risky…
It was just as I thought this.
Necoco was the one to move.
She purposefully became visible in front of Charin, and then her body was enveloped in a golden aura.
The aura…was shaped like a dragon!

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“Thunder Claws!”

There was a flash of light that looked like thunder.
And then the wand that Charin was using for defense went flying off into the air.

“I…I’m numb…!?”

As she could not block the whole attack, the lightning shot through Charin’s body and paralyzed her.
Now was our chance…!
However, Necoco had also returned to human form, and she could not get out of the area surrounded by spheres of light.
If she didn’t get out, she would be hit…!

“Don’t worry! Keep attacking even if you hit me!”

…That’s right.
I couldn’t keep letting these youngsters remind me!

In this last battle, if you won, then even the killed party members would get the reward.
While it might not feel good to sacrifice her, this was how you played the game!

“Meteor Bow!”

My strongest charge attack…with something added to make it even stronger!
With Star Area Range, I could change the trajectory of an arrow after unleashing it.
In that case, surely it should be possible to unleash numerous arrows over a wide area, and then make them gather together.

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Like they were being pulled towards Charin…!

“…I can do it!”

While they wouldn’t be focused on one exact point, they were still moving towards the center.
I hoped that it would do more damage and continued to shoot!

The remaining spheres of light all exploded, and Gochu was activating his fire magic skills, so the field was a mess.
I couldn’t even see Charin anymore.
However, after this many attacks…

Meteor Bow was deactivated, and Gochu ran out of MP and became quiet.
The smoke cleared from the field, showing the ravaged ground.
But neither Necoco or Charin were there.

“Did we do it…?”

While it wasn’t a perfect victory, it was still one way to…

‘That was close… I thought I was going to lose…’


Charin appeared on a different part of the field!
Her helm, robes and boots were in tatters, but she was alive…!
But, how had she escaped from that…!?

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