tarted to get sucked into the blade.

“Burning Arrow Storm!”

‘Collect Burst Katenrooooouu!!’

I knew that the old man would try and attack me!
As combination charge attacks were generally more powerful that fused charge attacks, the arrows would not break through the fire and reach me!
And since I was holding Satomi’s arms so he wouldn’t let go, he would get hit right back with his combination charge attack!
Touch an idol’s body and you will get burned!

Now the only remaining enemy was the old man…!
When Katenrou was finished activating, I had to immediately hold up Collect Shield.
The only attacks the old man had left were Sky Tear and I’m Arrow.
So it was very possible that he could combine them and come shooting at me as an arrow!

He also had Warp Arrow left.
So I didn’t know which direction he would come from…!
Right now, Burning Arrow Storm was making a lot of noise, but once it settled down, I would listen carefully and find out which side he would come flying from, and activate the shield’s charge attack, Cosmos Guard!
Now that my armor was damaged, I could not get hit by a fused charge attack.
If I did, I would lose…!

Now, Burning Arrow Storm and Katenrou were about to finish.
The next moment would determine the outcome of the battle…!


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The-the old man suddenly appeared through the explosion and grabbed onto me!
Why was he able to move here…!?
Burning Arrow Storm had only just finished…
I had only just finished activating Katenrou, and wasn’t able to switch back the shield yet!

Could it be that while they were both charge attacks, Katenrou just remained activated for longer…?
No, but even then…

I would have attacked you from behind, but it was easier to warp with precision this way.”

So he had fused Sky Tear and Warp Arrow!
In other words, Warp Sky Tear!
By accelerating Warp Arrow, he was able to warp before the final Burning Arrow Storm arrow landed!
Due to the explosion, I wasn’t able to hear the Warp Sky Tear arrow hit the ground, and the smoke covered everything…!

But, why did he need to wrap his arms around me…!?
And also…we started spinning around…!?

◆ ◆ ◆

It was a ridiculously risky move, but it seemed like it had paid off.
Garbow went into cooldown after the combination charge attack, Necoco disappeared, and Satomi had burned up.
My mind went blank.
And so I wondered if I couldn’t do something with Burning Arrow Storm.
I had no other ideas for my next move.

But in the end, by having my allies die so that I was solo again, I was able to regain my calm.
And realizing what I had left and the situation they had created for me, I thought of a crazy plan.
Something I would usually never do… A zero distance attack.

Upon seeing Satomi use Katenrou, which he had previously said was hard to aim, I was impressed at his method for dealing with that problem.

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Ultimately, his plan had failed, but I inherited that idea.
While it had superb force, I’m Arrow wasn’t the most accurate, since I myself would be spinning.
But that wouldn’t be the case if I was holding onto the target…
After all, the attack would affect everything I touched.
And so it would do damage if I held onto her…I think.

And perhaps I could combine it with a different charge attack…
But there were limits to arrow fusion.
In general, powerful charge attacks could not be combined with skills that increased the number of arrows.
I couldn’t multiply myself by fusing I’m Arrow and Arrow Storm, and I couldn’t warp in multiple places by fusing Warp Arrow and Multi-shot.

However, if it was two charge attacks that created one arrow…you could combine them.
In other words, it was possible to fuse Sky Tear and Warp Arrow to create Warp Sky Tear.
And the fused charge attack I just activated was I’m Arrow + Indra’s Arrow!
I had turned into an arrow, rose high into the air, and come back down, while enveloped in the power of lightning…!

My entire body would now deal a tremendous amount of damage.
Whatever attacks Charin was capable of would do nothing to me now.
In fact, I was holding her arms down, so she wouldn’t even be able to attack.
While I might have looked like a degenerate…it was to win!
The burden of victory was all on me!

I would defeat Charin with this…!
This…uh, what should I call this fused charge attack…
I’m Indra’s Arrow was too straightforward, and didn’t sound cool.
A special name that was appropriate for the final battle of the constellation trials…
And a name that immediately told you what the charge attack was…


Like the stars that shine in the sky!
Charin and I rotated at a high speed, becoming a light that rose high into the air.

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