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[VRMMO] Next Stage Online General Thread part2800

1: Anonymous Runner
A general thread to discuss ‘Next Stage Online.’
While most subjects are allowed, party requests, complaints, trolling and bragging have their own threads.
The next thread will be created automatically.

2: Anonymous Runner
That was amazing!

3: Anonymous Runner
That was so fast lol

4: Anonymous Runner
The last thread went by so quickly.

5: Anonymous Runner
I thought they had lost once it was just the old bowman.

6: Anonymous Runner
The guy who was slamming his charge attack.
That was me.

7: Anonymous Runner
Well, it did look like he was panicking when he unleashed it.
I had no idea it was part of a plan.
That’s an MVP for you.

8: Anonymous Runner
The last skill was so cool…
I didn’t think he had been saving such a trump card.

9: Anonymous Runner
It’s amazing how much someone can change in a short amount of time…

10: Anonymous Runner
Did he really change that much?

11: Anonymous Runner
Of course.
Were you even watching?

12: Anonymous Runner
There were so many self-destruct type attacks.
Was that their plan?
Or was it improv?

13: Anonymous Runner

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They were too coordinated for that.
It must have all been his plan.

14: Anonymous Runner
Yeah, it was all him.

15: Anonymous Runner
Old Bowman is the strongest!
Old Bowman is the strongest!
Old Bowman is the strongest!

16: Anonymous Runner
He was amazing.
I wish I could be like that…

17: Anonymous Runner
He’s one of the best known NSO players for a reason!

18: Anonymous Runner
You guys should talk about the other members for a change.

19: Anonymous Runner
Don’t you think they would have been able to win with just one casualty if the cat girl didn’t dig that hole?

20: Anonymous Runner

21: Anonymous Runner

22: Anonymous Runner
You’re going too far

23: Anonymous Runner
Maybe that was why they were able to win!

24: Anonymous Runner
What a dogpile.

25: Anonymous Runner
The old guy is the MVP.
Next is the monkey.

26: Anonymous Runner
The trainer did his best.
The healing alone was very important.

27: Anonymous Runner

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It’s funny that there were five there, but three were controlled by AI.
And since the enemy was an AI, it was an AI battle!

28: Anonymous Runner
It must be nice to be able to use Auto Battle
Every healer would want that ability.
Healing can be very troublesome, but it becomes automatic.

29: Anonymous Runner
While they were very messy, they did feel like a balanced party.
Advance, middle and rear guard.
Physical, magic, healing, ranged.
There were no gaps.

30: Anonymous Runner
They don’t have a tank.
They were saved by the fact that Charin used the shiny spheres that killed any mobility.
If they were up against another party, they would need someone to block attacks and protect the archer.

31: Anonymous Runner
The cat is too weak to accept attacks, and the monkey is a sorcerer.
And the trainer’s status would be low.
Yes, they’ll have trouble in the future without a shield.

32: Anonymous Runner
In other words, they have plenty of room to grow.

◆ ◆ ◆

315: Anonymous Runner
Now there are 8 players who have finished it.
Macoco and VRHAR are on a different level.
They moved like they would be able to beat Charin no matter how many times they fought.
I think the Old Bowman party would lose if they fought again.

316: Anonymous Runner
They have momentum but not enough stability.
While they did well enough, VRHAR is still better on average.

317: Anonymous Runner
VRHAR is definitely more stable.
They move with machine-like precision.

318: Anonymous Runner
What’s this VRHAR you guys are talking about?

319: Anonymous Runner
They are a pro team and the strongest guild of NSO.
Their top 4 were the first party to beat Charin.

320: Anonymous Runner
How did you not know that?

321: Anonymous Runner

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I was too busy playing the game…
But why does Valhalla become VRHAR?
That doesn’t look right?

322: Anonymous Runner
VR and AR.
They are a group of cyborgs that have mastered both, so they are VRHAR.
The H is for human.

323: Anonymous Runner
I didn’t know that there was such a guild.
They sound stuck up.

324: Anonymous Runner
Well, people online tend to hate players with such characters, but they’ve proven themselves in other games.
So they have their fans.

325: Anonymous Runner
You can’t copy their movements.
They really are like cyborgs.
Well, I can’t copy Macoco either.
Or the old bowman.

326: Anonymous Runner
You can’t copy anyone!

327: Anonymous Runner
At this point, copying any player that beat Charin is impossible for us ordinary players.

328: Anonymous Runner
People in this thread would probably lose to the weakened Charin as well.

329: Anonymous Runner
You’re exaggerating!
They won’t even be able to clear all of the trials!

330: Anonymous Runner
How sad…

◆ ◆ ◆

796: Anonymous Runner
Still, just watching the Charin fights is quite fun.
I’ve been in the fountain plaza for the past few days and haven’t gone adventuring at all.

797: Anonymous Runner
Me too.

798: Anonymous Runner

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799: Anonymous Runner
High level play is really worth watching.
While this event was Charin vs players, I would also like to see a player vs player event.

800: Anonymous Runner
With the battle royale, you were rewarded for just hiding, and there were too many people during the turf war that it was chaos.
It would be nice if there was something like a tournament.

801: Anonymous Runner
Are you going to participate in it?
You better.
Since it’s an event.

802: Anonymous Runner
Of course, I am.
Though, I have no chance of winning…

803: Anonymous Runner
It would suck to have so many people watch you lose…

804: Anonymous Runner
No one has any expectations for you anyway.

805: Anonymous Runner
I have expectations for myself!
I don’t want to see myself lose pathetically!
But it’s fun to see other people lose!

806: Anonymous Runner
You’re terrible.

807: Anonymous Runner
I hope you lose!

808: Anonymous Runner
An example of a typical poster here.

809: Anonymous Runner
Even if there is a tournament, none of you will get past the preliminaries.
You won’t even be shown at the edge of the screen.
You will all be gone.

810: Anonymous Runner
What a merciless but true response.

◆ ◆ ◆

And their battle was talked about online.
Even their haphazard fighting style was interpreted as calculated, and they were rated highly without Kyuji’s knowledge.
As Management had expected, users were excited as they watched the videos.
Like this, people became absorbed by content involving battles and spectating…

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