hadn’t gotten the map yet, so it was all black.
And so I didn’t know how to get to the main roads, which were relatively safe, even during the night.
And since you could only fast travel from town to town, I could not warp out of the field.

So, what should I do…
If I wanted to log out, I should search for the road, which would hopefully lead me to a village.
While villages only had the bare minimum facilities, it was possible to log out and fast travel to a town.
On the other hand, you couldn’t warp to a village from a town, but villages were really just a small relief measure that allowed players far away from a town to heal, buy items and log out.

It wasn’t actually impossible to log out when not in a town.
However, if you did, your body would remain there without a conscious, so would likely become prey to some monster.
But I had only just repaired my equipment after the Charin fight, and so that wasn’t an option for me.
And so I would try and find a village while relying on my memory.


I heard the growl of a beast.
Multiple beasts.
And they weren’t too far away.
While Garbow lived in the deep sea, he did not have night vision abilities.
So it was no wonder that he didn’t let out his usual hostile cry.

“Torch, torch…”

It was a good thing that I had bought a torch, just in case.

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An expensive torch that was known for being extra bright!

And so I took it out of the item box and selected ‘Use.’
And then a flame that almost looked white began to burn up.
It seemed so much hotter than the torch I used during the trials…!
And it was also a lot brighter!
That’s when I saw the wolves.

The black fur and the glimmering red eyes… The bodies were large and muscular.
It was like their eyes were telling me that they were stronger than the wolves that appeared during the day.

“Let’s go, Garbow.”

“Gar! Gar!”

With Garbow in front of me, I fought with my back facing the cave.
While monsters had been in the cave as well, I had killed most of them.
So they shouldn’t appear for a while.
As my back was safe, I just had to focus on what was in front of me.
As a solo player, I could not allow myself to be attacked from all sides.

Kiriri…shu! Zhunk!

The arrows were unleashed one after another.
I had stabbed the ground with the torch.
If I could see the enemy, the rest was easy.
While the enemy was fast, they weren’t nearly as fast as Charin.

But, these guys are tough…!

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They wouldn’t go down in one hit, even if I shot them in the head.
Wolves were supposed to be fast, but have weak defense.
So this was how different night monsters were…!

“You can’t walk out here half-heartedly.”

I finally killed all of them and caught my breath.
While I wouldn’t lose, had I been fighting in a less ideal place, I would have had a difficult time.
And if they were a bear or gorilla type monsters… Well, while the thought was scary, I actually wanted to fight them.
Was I becoming obsessed with fighting?

In any case, for now, I would just try and reach a village.
I needed to be prepared if I was going to go hunting.
Like I said before, going out half-heartedly could have disastrous results.

“Ah, I can’t forget the torch in the ground!”

I had thought that it was strangely bright, and realized that I had forgotten to put away the torch.
As it was expensive, it would be a big waste to only use it once and then lose it.

It was still bright, even after putting the torch away.
There was a light in the sky…


I had no words.
There was an airship flying overhead.
I could see vague, glowing figures in the craft that flew with a patchwork envelope filled with gas, like some kind of ghost ship…
A ghost airship…!

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