urf war, where the combat had been so random…

“Well, that’s enough talking.
Let’s wait quietly.
I think that we’ll arrive at our destination soon enough.”

“So, you know where this Ghost Airship is headed?”

“Of course! I’ve been on it, arrived, been dropped, and returned before.
Though, it did take a long time… Well, we don’t know when or where this ship will actually appear.
But the last stop is always the same… The Ghost Float.”


“Oh, I guess you don’t look up spoilers online, Mr.
Kyuji! If I say anymore, I will be robbing you of a wonderful experience.
So I will be silent!”

Ghost Float…eh?
To be honest, I was quite relieved that there was a destination, and this ship didn’t just wander endlessly.
That would have been terribly disappointing.

Still, he sure talked a lot for someone who didn’t even introduce himself.
While it was a little odd, I suppose people did occasionally forget to introduce themselves.
And so I would take a seat as well and wait.

The Ghost Ship rose into the air and accelerated.

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At the same time, the creaking sounds grew louder.
I just hoped that the ship would fall apart while in the air… I closed my eyes and prayed.
Finally, the creaking stopped.
At the same time, I could hear the other players stand up and talk.

“This time…”
“Ahh…! I can’t wait…”
“I hope this one is challenging…”

Well, that was ominous…
While I was worried, I stood up.
That was when I heard people scream around me.
Did they think that I was some blood-thirsty player…?
But it wasn’t like I was able to kill them on the field, so there was no need to worry…

Regardless, all these strange feelings were blown away once we landed on the Ghost Float.

“What is this…?”

The ground was made of patchwork tattered cloth, and it was soft as if it was stuffed with cotton!
The trees and grass were colorful and cartoonish!
But more than anything…the island was floating!
It was a hanging sphere made of patchwork cloth…!

A ghost island…the Ghost Float!
Everything about the design felt so exaggerated…!

The atmosphere was so different from the NSO I had experienced up until now, that I couldn’t help but feel excited!
But, I will control myself…!
First, I had to take in my surroundings.

I was currently in the dock.
There were several other ghost airships.
They gather players from all over the lands and bring them here, before setting off to pick up more.
The players that arrived would then move from the dock to the town.

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It was a mysterious town that looked like it was modeled after London, and was covered in fog.

Nice…very nice…
It was a place where you wanted to just stop and look around, even if you didn’t have any destination in particular.
I very much wanted to unlock fast travel here.
But where could I accept the quest to unlock it? And I also wanted to explore the field around the town as well!

Sometimes human curiosity trumped rational thinking…!
The street that stretched out from the town was lined with fancy lamp posts.
And it led to the kind of forest that you would expect a witch to live in.
I loved this kind of classical atmosphere!

However, there weren’t too many people there.
In new areas, when you were headed somewhere, it would make sense to use the main roads, as there were fewer monsters to be seen there.
And yet, aside from me, I could only see two boys walking further ahead.
Considering how many people had been in the town, there should be more people on the field as well…

“Wh-what!? Ahhhh!?”

The boys in front of me fell to their knees.
And then someone jumped out as if to deal them a mortal wound.
It was…a player!
But why was a player attacking them!?

“You see them sometimes… Beginners who don’t know that this is a ‘versus field’…”

The player swung a sword at the boys.
I didn’t really really understand what was happening, but it seemed like you were allowed to do it!?
But while my mind was confused, my body had already pulled out my bow and was ready to attack.



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