u should…”

“I know.
That’s why I took out my weapon.
They won’t wait for us.”

Before I knew it, she was brandishing her weapon.
It was giant steel gauntlets and a spiked ball and chains.

“Would you believe me…if I said that I was the 4th member of the Ghost Guild?”

…I did not expect to hear that name here.
Was it true or a lie? I could not decide right now.
However, an armored advance guard was exactly what we needed now…
Besides, she wore armor and a nun outfit, and carried a unique weapon.
She was the kind of person who you would expect to join.
But more than anything, I wanted it to be true, due to the situation…!

“As for whether I believe you…that can wait.”

“Well, I thought you would say that.”

I held my bow up.
The Slime Man was about to make his move.

“We will defeat you! Everyone, move according to plan! Slime Wave!!”

Slime Man’s whip lashed out, causing great waves to erupt.
The wide-area attack was huge…!
However, it was not that fast.
And more than anything, the dark green mucus acted as a wall, and so Slime Man could not even see us…!
If I was solo, I could easily use Warp Arrow to escape…

“Oh, don’t think that you can escape!”

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“I didn’t think you were the kind of guy to run away and leave a woman who came to help you!”
“I can see your every move from here!”

The trio had appeared on top of the wave.
They were riding on the waves by using long shields like surfboards…!
While this attack looked like a joke, it was actually quite sensible.

As I said before, the great green waves blocked the Slime Man’s vision.
And so the three others watched from the top of the waves and attacked any players that tried to escape the waves.
They would not be able to move after being attacked, and then they would be swallowed up by the waves and killed.
Even if that didn’t happen, it was dangerous to be attacked by three players who were high up in the air.

As I thought.
They aren’t just some weird group of players…!

“Giant Star!”

The woman threw the spiked iron ball at the waves.
The ball started to grow larger until it slammed into the wave!

“A normal charge attack? How weak!”
“After all, this is the leader’s most powerful combination charge attack!”
“You can’t cancel it out with just one ordinary charge attack!”

That was some good information they gave us!
So I could kill it with Meteor Bow, and the surfers would fall to the ground…

“Oh? Did you not know? This is the end.”


The great waves started to become smaller…!
At the same time, the hammer started to sink into the ground.
Could it be that this ground…

“Hurry up and run away from the waves! You will fall! Didn’t I tell you that holes will easily open up in this ground!?”

“Huh? Did you?”
“We’ve never been on this island before…”
“Leader has been here several times, but I can hardly believe that I’m here!”

The iron ball returned to its normal size, and there was now a large, gaping hole in the ground.
And so the three players fell head first into the hole.

“S-sorry, leader.”
“I’m sorry, leader.”
“Forgive me, leader.”

I guess they really were just some weird group…

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“Tsk… This is why I didn’t want to bring them to this island where it’s mainly PvP!”

Slime Man was still activating Slime Wave.
However, the new slime that was created was just being sucked into the hole in the ground.
I guess the demerit of the attack was that it stayed activated for a long time, could not be canceled, and he could not move.
So it was kind of similar to Meteor Bow.

“Now! Now! Finish him off with it, Mr.
Kyuji! Your Miracle Effect!”

So was she really on my side?
…In any case, I would deal the finishing blow to the Slime Man.
To be honest, this was not the situation to use the Miracle Effect, which I had not shown to anyone yet.
But this was like a farewell present to him, and for me as well.

In the future, I won’t have to hesitate when using it, just because I hadn’t shown it to anyone yet.

“Southern Cross Ballista!”

It was like a giant launcher from a robot anime.
A mechanical bow that carried an arrow that was longer than I was tall… That was the Southern Cross Ballista.
I held the two grips that were in front of me and pulled with all of my might.
The great bow that extended to the left and right started to bend.
The force was not focused on the arrow, and it was ready to fire.

Normally, I would then have to aim with it…but it was not necessary.
Because the target had not moved at all.


“Too slow! My charge attack stopped just a moment ago! An arrow can only hit a single point! All I need to do is hop to the side and…”

The Slime Man was torn in half by the arrow.
As this was not something very family friendly, his body quickly turned into light and disappeared.

The arrowhead of the Southern Cross Ballista was cross-shaped.
It was very long and glowed with light.
And so anyone who tried to dodge it would end up being split into two.
However, had it been an ordinary arrow, he would have been able to dodge it.
Fight in order to be the last person standing…I really was a gamer.

“You did it! Mr.

Who knows what would have happened had this mysterious person not appeared?
Perhaps I would have lost.
While she had saved me, I still did not trust her.

“Thank you for helping me.
So, you said that you’re from the Ghost Guild…”

“I lied.”


This Ghost Float…was really not what I had expected.

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