ien, is Macoco Strange! She is very mysterious… I want to talk to her in person… And so I need to get close to her first… Ah, um, it’s not like I started this game in order to meet her or anything!”

I feel like I’ve opened Pandora’s Box.
Maybe…I should call the police…

“However, they call this the great age of VR.
And so I decided that in order to encounter the occult, I must jump into these VR games! Ultimately, online games are just human relationships, and if lots of humans gather together, then mysteries will be born!”

“Well, everyone has their reason for playing… As long as you aren’t breaking the rules…you can do what you want.
That being said, this Virtualien thing is pretty interesting.
Though, I don’t know if I believe it.
Besides, our guild isn’t really interested in…”

“What are you talking about!? I’m pretty sure that you are one too, Mr.


“Don’t you remember? That feeling of suddenly being able to do something when starting the game.
A feeling that you’ve never felt before… Modern VR is about tricking the brain and making you believe things that are impossible.
Surely it’s only natural that such a thing will awaken a power inside of you?”

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It will take a little more than that to convince me.
But I do think it’s amusing and exciting.”

“I-I see… I’m sorry… This is the first time I’ve talked to someone about it, and I got a little too enthusiastic…”

Suddenly being able to do something, huh…
It’s not like it didn’t ring any bells…
However, this talk of Virtualians and making them sound like heroes was too much!
I needed to take in a deep breath and calm down.
We were both overheated.

“As this was my first online game, I was afraid of playing with others, and so I was solo the whole time.
Even during this event, I got all of the medals while solo.
But then I couldn’t beat Charin… And so I decided to wait until she was weakened…”

“What? You completed all of the trials by yourself?”

I suppose I was lucky.
My weapons, equipment and job were all suited for solo play…”

A chain and spiked ball that had range and great destructive power.
And armor that would block most attacks.
And judging by her nun clothes, she likely had healing skills as well.
But as for her actual playing ability…

“So did you play a lot of offline games…?”

“No, I’m not much of a gamer at all.”

Maybe she was the real Virtualien…
Did she suddenly awaken? To an insane power…

I could feel a bottomless talent…
Not only that, but out of all the players I had seen, she seemed the best suited to join the Ghost Guild.
And there was also the fact that she was a heavily armored advance guard…

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However, it was still not something that I could decide on my own.
I suppose I would send Necoco a message later.
That I had found a promising player…
Her name was… I hadn’t heard her name yet.

“Um, what’s your name…”

“Ah, I haven’t even introduced myself in spite of talking so much! I am so very sorry! I am called Anne-marie Gothnoir!”

That was quite a name…!
She definitely sounded like someone who was new to online games.
Experts generally had shorter or less serious names…
But hers was pure fantasy.

“But you can just call me Anne.
Now, do you have any plans, Mr.

“Indeed… I was going to unlock fast travel in this Ghost Float town.”

“Then why don’t we go together? They tell you the requirements in the town, so I already know… But to be honest, I think it will be difficult if you only have your Unison with you.
After all, you will have to travel all over the Ghost Float.”

So similar fights to the last one might happen over and over…
I was too good a prey for these hunters.
If they uploaded a video of them beating me, they would get a lot of views and revenue.
And this person, who had a chance to defeat me, was now offering to help.
I had no reason to refuse.

“Alright, let’s go together then.”

“Yes! What an occultic development! I’ll be counting on you as well!”

With Garbow and Anne, we would be able to stand against a party of 4.
And like that, my cooperation with the mysterious and armed nun began.

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