he guild.
There had to be an order to such things… Or was I overthinking it?
As I wondered about such things, we arrived at the fortune teller’s mansion, which was our destination.

Anne said that this was where we could accept the quest for unlocking fast travel.
As she had already heard everything, I went inside alone.
In the center of a room that was illuminated by eerie light, there was a crystal ball.
And on the other side, there was a small woman with a veil that covered everything but her eyes.
…A classical fortune teller.

“Come in.
Take a seat.”

“Thank you…”

She had a calming voice.
She then placed her hand over the crystal ball, and it began to glow brightly.

“I can see it now.”

“That was quick…”

I couldn’t help but make a jab at the NPC.
So, about that quest…?
I wouldn’t have minded hearing my fortune in real life.
But in a game…

“In the not distant future, in some place else, your experience and true ability will really be put to the test.”


“Do not be afraid.
You are strong, and have allies.
However, your enemy…is not someone you can beat if you stay the same as you are now.”

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“And so I will give you this.”

I was given…a Grow Card!
An equippable card that grew if you fulfilled the requirements.

“Travel around the Ghost Float and stamp the four marks that are hidden throughout the forbidden areas onto this card.
Once you are finished with this, return to me and you will awaken to a new power and be accepted by this land.
That is your fortune.
Now, you must pay the fee.”

She charges you…
Well, I had enough with me, so it was no problem.

Still, the fortune was rather convincing, in a way…which was a surprise.
But it was probably just part of the beginning of the quest, and she said the same thing to everyone…
I would keep that in mind.
Sometimes, casual remarks could be a hint.
However, she did say that it was somewhere else.
So perhaps she wasn’t talking about my adventures on the Ghost Float…

Ah, nevermind.
I was with someone today.
And so I couldn’t get lost in thought in the same way that I did while solo.

Just as I was about to leave the mansion, I noticed that there was a sign hanging on the door.
It read, ‘View detailed rules in the help section.’
I see.
So forgetful players like me won’t get lost.
I would definitely check it later.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“No, no.
Not at all! So, did you get the card?”

I’m supposed to get four marks…so it’s like a stamp rally.”

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“Exactly! It’s a horror stamp rally where you go through all the scary spots on the island! You can go in any order that you want, but the Bone-ted Mansion is the closest from here.”

“Haunted mansion…”

“No, ‘bone-ted’! That part is important!”


“It’s a giant abandoned mansion that is filled with bones and skeleton type monsters! Let’s go there tomorrow!”

“Huh? Tomorrow…?”

“It’s too late today!”

Oh, right!
It was already night on the field when I encountered the Ghost Airship, and ended up here by accident!
So it would also be night time in real life…

And so Anne and I agreed on a time to meet up tomorrow and then we logged out.
If you logged out in a town, then you could continue later from the same town.
That rule should remain the same, even in the Ghost Float.

And this place could also be explored during the morning.
Though the scenery itself was always night, I was glad that we could still go.
I would start playing in the morning, like I always do.
And since you could read the Help on the site after logging out, I would also have to remember to check it.

“Testing my experience and true ability…huh.”

The words of the NPC fortune teller…
I felt like I was always being tested, but I guess it wasn’t the case.
What could be waiting for me… I was scared.

But on the other hand, I could not help but feel excited about these prophetic words.

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