anyone knew that I had come here.
And I’m sure that they also stayed away because they were afraid of that Slime Man…

In any case, here, power was the only thing that mattered.
And when in Rome… I would follow that old saying.

“Let’s take them down then.
It will be very annoying if they follow us.”

“Gar! Gar!”

“If we kill them all, they won’t be able to return to the Ghost Float for quite some time!”

As they were arguing with each other, now was the perfect time!
I’d send them to their graves with a sudden charge attack!

“Burning Arrow Storm!”

◆ ◆ ◆

“Ha… Ha… We finally made it…!”

A giant western style mansion loomed over us!
It was made of bones, so it was clearly the Bone-ted Mansion!
While it was supposed to be a terrifying place, the exterior wasn’t so bad.
If anything, it reminded me of a theme park attraction…

Still, there really were too many of these player killers…
We were even attacked by players who seemed like they didn’t usually do such things.
Perhaps for people who just played as a minor hobby, being able to fight a famous player for a bit was something worth suffering the penalty for dying.
Of course, there was also something creepy about all their excited talking as they attacked me.
Because they charged without any fear of dying…

Regardless, we were all able to reach our destination safely.
But we would have to move like this three more times… No, I wouldn’t think about that right now.

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“Let’s go inside then.”

“The inside of the building is also a versus field, so we will have to be careful!”

The mansion looked like it was built for giants.
If it was this big, I could make use of my Range, even if we were indoors.
The first floor we came into was the entrance.
Like the exterior, it looked like a classical western mansion.
It was perfect for a horror game.

“Huh? There is a table in the middle…”

A note had been left on the table that Anne found.
It read, ‘The mark is on the top floor.’
I picked it up and turned it over, but there was nothing else written on it.
So that was our only hint…

“In any case, let’s go up the stairs and try to reach the top.”

“No, wait a minute! There is something like an elevator over there! It will be so much easier!”

Indeed, the thing that she was pointing at did look like an elevator.
There were △▽ buttons, and it seemed to be working.
However, the elevator didn’t really match the house…

For a second I wondered if it was a trap, but after remembering how huge the house had looked from the outside, I dreaded the idea of going up by using the stairs alone.
I had never seen an instant death trap in NSO, so it was probably alright.
I decided to agree with Anne’s suggestion.


In conclusion, it was a trap.
I pushed the △ button and got in the elevator.
But there were no buttons inside.
The door closed in an instant.
And right when I feared that we were locked in, the elevator began to descend.
But the rattling was just because the elevator was shabby, and not because we were falling quickly.
Still, the sound made me feel more anxious as we descended.

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“I-I’m sorry… If I didn’t suggest that we take the easy route…”

“No, I wanted to as well, so I have no right to blame you.”

Climbing stairs did more damage to the body than other types of exercise…
Your knees and lower back would hurt, and you would become out of breath.
So of course we would use the elevator.
It’s management’s fault for exploiting the instincts of an old man.

“…Miss Anne.”

“Just call me Anne!”

“I think you should ready your weapon.”


I had misunderstood as well.
This was not a dungeon.
Because if it was, there wouldn’t be any other players here as well.
The whole party would be warped to a different area…
It wouldn’t be a ‘versus field.’

However, this was a ‘versus field.’
And so when the elevator doors opened…

“Bound Arrow Storm!”

“Bound Speed Star!”

As the doors opened, a player practically clawed their way in through the gap, before being destroyed by the numerous arrows and iron balls.
And then the group that was waiting on the floor was assaulted by the bounding arrows and iron ball as well.
So they had been waiting here, knowing that we would come down… How very sly of them!

“Little Garbow and I will move to the front! You stay near the elevator and support us, Mr.

“Got it!”

Two advance guards… How wonderful.
Now, it was time to make our way up to the highest floor from the lowest floor!

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