Data.118 – Old Bowman, Shoot Through

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“Burning Arrow!”


And then another player went down.
We went through the elevator hall and towards the next floor above.
We would only take stairs now.
I didn’t trust elevators.

“They are waiting above again, Mr.

“It’s hard being popular…those words have never been truer…”

The mansion had so many places that you could hide.
Not only that, but the walls and floors were thin, so there were numerous people who would break through them and attack us as we walked down the hallway.
Just like the terrain of the Ghost Float, the walls and floors regenerated after being destroyed, so there was no situation where we couldn’t go up the stairs.

However, being ambushed from places that I couldn’t see was quite a problem for me.
While Anne would generally stay in the front, as she had high defense ability, it couldn’t always be like that.
And so the only way for me to survive was by shooting quickly and taking the enemy down.
By concentrating more than usual on shooting faster, I was able to hit them in vital spots before they could reach me.
Even if they got close, I had to keep attacking without being afraid…
Through doing this, I acquired a new skill, ‘Quickdraw’!

The time it takes to shoot a ranged weapon is sped up.

◆ Reason for acquiring
Rapid Fire
Destroyed enemies with continuous quick shooting.

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At a glance, it seemed like a passive skill, but it was actually a high-speed shooting skill that you had to activate.
Unlike the skills that changed arrow types, it affected my actual movement, so I could use it with arrow type skill without Arrow Fusion.
Of course, by combining it with charge attacks, I could unleash attacks with high firepower in an instant.
While it wouldn’t make them stronger, it meant that I now had a way of dealing with ambushes.

And I also got 1 more skill.
This one wasn’t flashy or strong.
It was almost a worse version of a charge attack that I currently had.
It was a skill that I acquired through continuously shooting for a long time, as waves of player killers attacked us.
The name was Gattling Arrow!

Gatling Arrow
Unleashes arrows rapidly for a few seconds.

◆ Reason for acquiring.
Continuous firing.
Shooting at enemies over a long period of time.

In other words, it was a smaller version of Arrow Storm.
It only activated for 3 seconds, and the arrows were fewer when compared to the charge attack.
However, there was no cool down time, so it was easy to use.

“Bound Gatling Arrow!”

In order to bring out the enemies that waited behind the corner, I used Bound Arrow and Gatling Arrow together.
Several arrows bounced off the wall and disappeared around the corner.
And then I heard the screams of the players.

There really were so many of them…

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However, we were rarely attacked by multiple parties at once.
It was generally one at a time.

Because there were player killer killers in this mansion as well.
They targeted players who were waiting to ambush people like me.
As the ambushers were so focused on their prey, they were slow to realize that they were being targeted as well.
In fact, I had seen such a party being ambushed from the back and were completely destroyed.

This really was a chaotic mansion…
You could only trust your own party members.

“Anne, take the front position!”

“Understood! Fusion charge attack, Bound Daybreak Star!!”

Anne was very skilled when it came to handling her spiked iron ball and chain.
She could enlarge it to block passages and shield us, or wrap it around something and then shorten the chain in order to move.
The charge attack Daybreak Star was a physical and magic attack that dealt damage depending on which status was weaker, Defense or Magic Defense.
It was likely an effective charge attack because she was a special 3rd, Armored Sister, who had high Attack and Magic Attack.

It was impressive that a beginner could become a special 3rd… But then again, I was new to VRMMOs and had done it quite quickly…
And since Ann had cleared the zodiac trials, Charin must have given her some kind of reward as well.
It was natural to think that both of us had become stronger because of that.

“So you can use fused charge attacks too.”

“Yes! When I used a strange item that Charin gave me after the trials, I acquired the skill, Star Fusion!”

So I was right…
Charin had said it herself, that she distributed different items depending on the player.
Was the ‘not distant future’ that the fortune teller talked about related to how Charin wanted all players to become stronger?

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…But more importantly, I noticed that Ann answered any question that I had.
I couldn’t help but be curious about her job and skills, and ended up asking questions.
And she always answered perfectly.
The fact that she wasn’t on her guard put me at ease, and I started talking more casually.

“Still, Mr.
Kyuji, the top floor still feels like it’s far away…”

“Well, it took quite a long time to reach the 1st floor from the elevator…”

The idea that we still had a long way to go was like a heavy weight on my heart.
Everyone who wanted the stamp would try to reach the top.
So there would be even more enemies waiting there…
If it was just a dungeon with one floor, we could break through the walls and move in a straight line…

“No, we could break our way upwards…!”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Let’s use I’m Arrow and fly through the ceiling!”

“Ohh! That is a splendid idea!”

“Ah, but I can’t take you with me…”

“What! You can just hold me like how you did during the Charin fight! As we are a party, we won’t do damage to each other even while in the versus field!”

“I see…”

I was about to wrap my arm around her…but suddenly felt a little embarrassed…
With Charin, I had been desperate, and it was the only way to ensure that the sacrifices of my teammates didn’t go to waste.
But it felt a little awkward to hold some woman who I had only recently just met.

Still! I was a gamer.

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And that wasn’t enough to stop what I thought was a very good idea.

“Alright! Hold onto me!”

“Very well.
Excuse me…”

Anne put her arms around me from behind and locked them tightly together.

“Or should I be in the front?”

“No, I want you to attack our surroundings as we spin.
As this is a pure charge attack, I’m Arrow, it will be canceled out if another player hits us with a charge attack while we’re flying.”

“Oh, I see!”

When fighting Charin, I had fused it with Stardust Arrow.
But if we did that now, we would then shoot right back through the floors and end up in the bottom again.
I also considered combining Sky Tear and Burning Arrow, but Sky Tear was so fast that it would be difficult to control, and Burning Arrow’s explosion would destroy any ground that we’d need to land on.
And so I would use I’m Arrow alone!

“I’m Arrow!”

“Giant Shine Star!”

Anne unleashed a strong-sounding charge attack.
The iron ball expanded and unleashed a blinding light…!
And then through I’m Arrow’s high-speed rotation, the iron ball also began to swing rapidly.

It was now more demolition than self-defense…!!
We broke through the ceiling, turning the players above us into dust as we flew up in a straight line.
Would there even be a floor on the top for us to land on…?

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