a mansion of bones, I didn’t expect the boss to be anyone else but Gashadokuro.
Though, there was the fact that this wasn’t a Japanese style mansion.
But that was NSO for you.

“Letter Arrow!”

I hadn’t fought a boss in a while, so I decided to check it first.

◆ Gashadokuro
Attribute: Ghost
Skills: Soul Crush Attack, Grudge Utterance
A yokai that is made from the souls who died with regrets.
With unbelievable power that you would not expect from a body that is just bones, it will drag the living into the world of the dead.
It has especially strong grip strength, so you must be careful that it doesn’t grab you after it uses curses to bring down your defenses.

As it was a ghost type, that meant that Garbow’s Holy Splash should be very effective.
I didn’t have any effective skills myself, but at least my Range would help keep me away from it’s powerful grip.
As for Anne…

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Kyuji! Could you leave this part to me? I’m afraid that I’ve been relying on you too much up until now!”

“…Uh, sure!”

She was a nun of the church.
And this was a giant evil spirit boss.
It was a big target that moved awkwardly.
She would be able to hit it easily with her iron ball.

“Saint Cross Stars!”

The iron ball that Anne unleashed split into seven pieces.
They then formed the shape of a cross and slammed into the Gashadokuro’s face.
A huge chunk of HP disappeared from its gauge.
Clearly her attacks were effective…!

“Be gone, evil spirit! I will purify you!”

The holy violence and retribution continued…


It was fast.
Much faster than I was expecting.
The Gashadokuro let out a final scream.
It almost sounded sad…
Even a powerful yokai was no match for this…nun with incredible equipment…

Well, since we had to go around and defeat 4 bosses, I was very thankful to Anne for making the first one easy.
While I had been supporting her, it already felt like she was bullying the boss, so I was a lot more laid back than usual.
Boss battles were more fun when against a strong enemy where you didn’t feel bad for them.
Well, maybe it was almost entertaining to see it being bullied like this…is something that I would never say, as people would be put off.

“Thanks, Anne.
I already knew it, but you really are strong!”

“Not at all.
At least not compared to you, Mr.

…What would happen if Anne and I fought?
I felt like I would lose when it came to close range and mid range combat.
On the other hand, Anne wasn’t very fast, so I should be able to win with long range combat… But this was no time to be thinking about such things.

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I would become like all those other players who we defeated before reaching this place.

The Gashadokuro’s item drop was sucked into my item box, so I would switch gears and stamp my card.
A table had appeared for this very purpose.

“That’s 1 down!”

I pressed the stamp that had a depiction of the Bone-ted Mansion, and then the (Exorcism Bow Art – Unmarked) turned in(Exorcism Bow Art – 1 mark)
At the same time, the card skill ‘Exorcisms Barrier’ was unlocked.

While the Grow Card was called Exorcism Bow Art, the skills didn’t seem like they were related to bows.
I was curious about the effect, but once I had pressed the stamp, the area began to change until we found ourselves back in the ordinary mansion.
So we would once again have to be wary of other players.
Your guard was usually the lowest right after a boss fight, and professionals would try and take advantage of that.

“Let’s be careful.
We’ll have to do it all over again if we die here.”

“Yes! By the way, the next terror spot is the Bloodwind Sarayashiki.
Please remember that!”

“Got it!”

I said cheerfully.
However, I didn’t understand anything about that name…
Though, Japanese horror felt more scary to me, because it was a culture that I was familiar with.
My current equipment was all Japanese style, so it would at least match… I would look like the protagonist who is running around.

Ah, but I was able to fight.
Being able to fight in horror games made them less scary.
And I had buddies.
That was another thing that lessened the scares…
Yes, as I wasn’t a fan of horror, it was a good thing that I’m not going solo!

“Bound Arrow Storm!”

The attack rained down on the players who predictably waited to ambush us, and then we made our way to the next terror spot.

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