a beak…
It was a kappa…! A warrior kappa…!
Ah! Is that what she meant by plate…!?

As I was surprised by this revelation, the kappa stood up and unsheathed the sword.
It was the same height as a human.
Humanoid enemies tended to be intelligent and move quickly.
I would have to be careful…!

“Letter Arrow!”

I had to acquire information on the enemy first… Is what I thought, but the kappa cut Letter Arrow down with a swipe.
This guy…was good!

“Daybreak Star!”

Without a moment’s delay, Anne unleashed her charge attack.
The kappa blocked it with a thick wall of water.
The iron ball quickly lost its momentum after hitting it.
Furthermore, the kappa continued to create more and more water.
And like that, the dojo began to flood…!

“Exorcism Barrier!”

Alright, now the barrier would block the water!
While the dojo had flooded, it was safe within the barrier.
Since it was possible to breathe underwater in NSO, I wouldn’t have died.
But I didn’t want to fight a kappa in the water…!


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A crack appeared in the barrier.
The kappa was swimming in the water at a great speed and slamming itself into the barrier, damaging it with every hit.
However, I too had a buddy who was stronger in the water!


“Gar! Gar!”

Garbow began to swim so fast that it was difficult to follow him with my eyes.
And so began the high-speed battle.
The kappa was strong, and it used its sword to parry Garbow’s attacks.
However, it had clearly slowed down as well.
Now I would be able to shoot at it…!

“Seabow Arts…Form 4, Swordfish!”

I would use it here, my Seabow Arts!
They were special skills that showed their true worth in the water.
You could use them by equipping the Grow Card, but since I hadn’t fought in the water for a long time, it was off duty for a while.
I did not expect to bring it back in the underground dojo of a samurai residence!

Swordfish had the simple effect of raising piercing ability and speed.
And so I shot it several times at the kappa who was fighting Garbow.
The kappa then started to swim faster again in order to avoid being hit, but it was too late.

“Form 5 – Shark!”

Shark was a homing arrow that targeted enemies that you had damaged.
You could avoid it by escaping my range or hitting it with an equal attack, but it was not easy to escape my range, and if it tried to cancel it out, then Garbow would have an opening to attack.
This was perfect cooperation…
Garbow really was strong in the water!

“The final blow, Garbow! Red Meteor!”

“Gar! Gar!”

Just as it was bitten by Shark and its movement stopped, the charge attack slammed into it directly.
Perhaps due to being able to flood the battle arena, which would be a huge disadvantage to the player, the specs of the kappa were not that high.

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And so Garbow and I were able to cut down its HP gauge and destroy it!


Muttered the kappa as it turned into light and disappeared.
The water that had filled the dojo now vanished, and the drop items went into my inventory.
Among them was the plate with the ‘+’ mark on it.

“That was amazing! Both you and little Garbow! The water killed the momentum of my iron ball.
I really don’t like fighting in the water…”

“Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.
I too would not have been able to do anything with the help of Garbow and my Seabow Arts.
Well, I’m just glad that I didn’t embarrass myself.
You did all of the work last time.”

In any case, it meant that all of my adventures had been worth it.
It was a good thing that I had Seabow Arts!
Now that the boss was dead, the regular enemies stopped spawning, and so we left the mansion and went back to the well and handed the plate to Okiku.

“Ah…thank you… I’m sorry… I did know that this isn’t really a plate…”

Yes, she did.
But I just thanked her and accepted the stamp.
And then a lid appeared over the well, which would be a good table for stamping the card.

“Now that’s two!”

The stamp that I pressed depicted the mansion, the well and a faded Okiku.
Now (Exorcism Bow Art – 1 mark) became (Exorcism Bow Art – 2 marks)
And I acquired the new skill, ‘Demonbane Attack Blade.’
This also didn’t sound like it was related to arrows…
I just hoped that it was like Exorcism Barrier, and allowed me more strategic variety.

“Now, the next terror spot is the Snake and Scorpion Tunnel! Let’s go!”

Cramped, dark and lonely.
You can only see ahead and would be instilled with fear over what world you would be connected to on the other side…
The fact that you would be trapped if the back and front were closed off also made me feel claustrophobic.

However, in the end, you just had to make it out the other side.
The rules were bound to be simple, so maybe we could just run through without thinking too much…?

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