My range would mean nothing if it came to a close quarters fight.
And I wouldn’t be able to defend myself against an ambush.

And so I would find their position first, and kill them before they saw me.

This general strategy was something I wanted to continue until the end.

“Ah, there’s a building… There doesn’t seem to be any enemies here.
I suppose I should gather the items then.”

There were in fact, four of the log cabins on the side of the mountain.

And since the doors were closed, they had likely not been raided yet.

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But then again, they could have easily been closed.

And so it was merely a guess.

I flattened myself against the outside wall and peered in through the window.

There were several chips scattered on the floor.

It seemed unlikely that they were there as bait.

This was because it would be much more beneficial to buff your status up during the beginning of the game, rather than risk losing them by playing tricks like this.

And so I decided that there was no harm in it.

I opened the door and stepped inside.

But I left the door ajar.

Now, anyone who came later would know that someone had gone inside, and they would be too cautious to enter.

Then I grabbed all of the chips.

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There were 2 [Attack +10]

And 3 [Inherent +10]

So that was 5 status boosts chips in all.

‘Inherent’ was for stats that were unique to your job.

 So that would be ‘Spirit’ for Warrior, ‘Miracle’ for Sorcerers, and ‘Range’ for Archers.

I suppose that was all you could expect to find in a building of this size.

I even checked the second floor.
It was time to go to the next…

No, there was someone in the forest!

“Damn it.
When there are tens of thousands of players, you won’t be alone for long…!”

I had been lucky enough to spot him from the window by accident.

It was a man, and he was staring at the open door.

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