ck us if we are hidden in the clouds!”

It was a good thing that they were small fry AI…
If this was a strong boss AI, it would have arrived at the simple solution of crushing the entire cloud.

“Ah, look over there! Thanks to the cloud, the black hands aren’t appearing in the ground anymore!”

As Anne said, they went back into the ground as the cloud passed over them.
On the other hand, the ones that weren’t covered were moving around just fine.
Apparently, it was the orange light of the tunnel that made them come out.
And if you blocked the orange light, the monsters would not come out.

In other words, if I shot down all the lights…
No, I could test that after I used up Floating Cloud Herd.
Besides, with the lights, it would be completely dark, and that wouldn’t make things much better for us.

Even though I had a good torch, it wasn’t enough in this long tunnel.
Furthermore, we didn’t know how long this tunnel was, or what gimmicks awaited us up ahead.
It would be unwise to rob ourselves of vision just to get rid of some weak enemies.

And so we hid in the cloud and ran.

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Floating Cloud Herd could be activated 3 times every hour, and the clouds would disappear after 5 minutes.
In other words, we could run safely without rolling the ball for 15 minutes.
Surely that would be enough to reach the exit…

“Hmm…we’re still not there!”

There was nothing worse than running a marathon and not being able to see the goal…!
Just how long was this tunnel…!


The hissing was really close now.
I wouldn’t be surprised if it was right behind the last corner…
Also, the snake was likely getting faster over time.
We had reached our limit in terms of running away… In that case!

Let’s use our charge attacks here and stop it! Once the cloud disappears, we’ll have to stop and deal with the weak enemies.
And so it would be best to deal a lot of damage to the snake and slow it down as much as possible!”


The time that the snake stopped was proportional to how much damage you inflicted.
If we unleashed all of our charge attacks at it here, we might be able to buy ourselves a few minutes!


The snake’s head appeared from around the corner…!

“Saint Cross Star! Giant Daybreak Star!”

“Exploding Sky Tear! Burning Arrow Storm! Meteor Bow! And for good measure… Miracle Effect! Southern Cross Ballista!!”

Charge attack, fused charge attack, combination charge attack and miracle effect…!
I…could do all kinds of things now.
The names were long and reminded me of a battle manga… I couldn’t help but think this in spite of being in a pinch.
We hadn’t even defeated the enemy… Huh?


The giant black snake turned into light and disappeared.
The drop items were automatically sucked into our item boxes.

“…So the snake can be defeated.”

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I thought that it wasn’t supposed to be… Had we dealt too much damage to it?
There were bosses that you were supposed to lose to, but if you somehow won, you would hear special dialogue or acquire secret items.
Perhaps this snake was like that.

“In any case, what a relief…”

“Indeed! I was getting a little annoyed by how much it chased us! Enemies must be defeated!”

“I agree!”

Now that the weak enemies no longer appeared, we could walk through the tunnel leisurely.
The light for the exit was visible now, but we just walked without using I’m Arrow.
I felt like doing that.

“Ah, there is a table near the exit!”

They had thoughtfully placed a table in the center, and the stamp was on top of it.
This might be the only time I ever stamped something on a table that was in the middle of the road… I thought as I picked up the 3rd stamp.

“3rd one down!”

I stamped the card.
It depicted the tunnel and the black snake and shadowy hands within.
Now Exorcism Bow Arts 2 marks turned into Exorcism Bow Arts 3 marks, and I acquired the new skill, Seal Demon Bind.
Surely this skill would also make me stronger.

“Now! That’s enough adventure for today! We gathered 3 in just one day!”

It’s a good time to stop.”

The Ghost Float was always dark, so it was easy to lose track of time.
Besides, she had used up Southern Cross Ballista, which could only be used three times a day.
So it was the perfect time to bring this adventure to an end.

“By the way, the last terror spot is the Z Hospital! I wonder what it will be like…I just can’t wait!”

Z Hospital…?
If it’s horror and set in a hospital with the letter ‘Z’…then I think I know what the enemy will be.
And I was probably right…!
I really don’t like things that are grotesque…
However, I had such things turned off in the settings in my status window, so I would just have to trust it…!

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