rn to the central ward.

And since zombies would come in from the east and west entrances after 30 minutes, people on the 1st floor would be attacked from all sides.
You could not fight with any stability in that situation..
At that point, we would have to retreat once and move to the stairs, where the enemies movements would be limited.
In other words, if there was someone who had gone to the west and east wards and not returned yet, we would either have to keep fighting in this disadvantageous situation and wait for them, or we would have to abandon them and go up the stairs.

So, why don’t they just return early before the 30 minutes were up?
That was the clear answer.
However, as we could not bring our own healing items here, gathering a lot of them would lead directly to victory.
I used a lot of MP recovery items myself.
I just bought a lot and used them without really thinking about it.
But I couldn’t do that here.
If we didn’t gather items, I would eventually not be able to use my skills.
And so that’s why Oliver and Gray were talking about sending their fastest friends to go and gather them.

“Ah, that’s right! Kyuji and Anne! I have one question…are you two confident in your speed?”

Even Oliver’s questions were asked in a loud voice…

“I wouldn’t say that I’m slow, but I’m also not confident in my speed.
I would describe myself as a little above average.”

“I am slow! And I am confident in that!”

“I see! In that case, we’ll hand the items then! You two can focus on killing as many zombies as possible!”


“Leave it to us!”

“Alright, let’s go down to the 1st floor then! This nurse station is just where we are warped, but we aren’t required to protect it or anything! The battle that is about to begin is not tower defense, but about survival!”

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And so I, Ann, Garbow, Oliver and Gray all rushed down the stairs.
Just as we were about to reach the 1st floor, I saw a woman who was sitting down on the stairs, and another leaning against the railing.
Apparently, they were the last remaining members of the group.

“Kyuka! Canaria! It’s almost time!”

The two looked our way and then their eyes widened when they saw me.

One had light blue hair and her gear and lips were all in cold colors.
She probably had skills related to ice… In fact, there was something about her that seemed familiar…
In the first place, I felt that way about all of the members of the New Gloria Warriors….
Maybe it was at the south sea…?

The other had her bright green hair tied into a ponytail.
Her gear was…kind of like a school uniform-style idol costume?
I didn’t really know much about idols…

“Heh…I did not expect to meet a top player here…”

Muttered the woman with blue hair who leaned against the railing.
She had a low but clear voice.

“I’m Kyuka.
Some people called me Iceflower Kyuka.
Nice to meet you.”

“Pleased to meet you too.”

While there was something put on by the way she talked, it didn’t feel wrong either.
I suppose it suited her.
Like Oliver, she seemed to have a lot of experience with games.

“Ah, um!”

Next, the girl who was sitting called out to us.
While she had been relaxing with her legs spread out at first, she closed them and sat up straight.

“I’m Canaria In Bloom! While I’m new in the guild, I’m a pretty successful internet idol! Um…have you heard of me?”

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“No! Not at all! I don’t mind! In fact, I have nothing to really boast about aside from how long I’ve been doing this.
And I’m practically just a karaoke singer! Things haven’t been going well recently, and so I thought I’d make some money as a pro gamer instead!”

“Uh, I really don’t know much about the idol world, and so I wouldn’t have recognized someone really famous either.
So you really don’t need to self-deprecate on my behalf.”

“Y-you’re very kind…”

If anything, I would be surprised if someone didn’t do the same after hearing all that.
It wasn’t kindness.
It was just normal to stop someone from saying any more.

“Haha! Sorry about that! So this is the New Gloria Warriors! Now, you take the west, Kyuka! And Canaria will get the items in the east ward! You can choose where to start, so I suggest you start in a corner on the 5th floor!”

“Got it.”

“Yes! I will do my best!”

Kyuka created blades of ice under her shoes.
She would slide on them over the floor as if she was an ice skater.
Canaria also wore roller skates on her feet.
With smooth footwork, she headed to the east.

“Gray, you get the items on the 1st central floor! We’ll be abandoning this place in 30 minutes, so we’ll need you to get the items every time we go up to the next floor!”


Gray dashed away.
Now it was just me, Anne, Garbow and Oliver.

“If we fall here, the whole plan will crumble! So let’s burn brightly and fight, my comrades!”

“Yes, of course!”

“I will crush them all for you!”

“Gar! Gar!”

The 20 minutes of preparation time was almost up.
And then, from nowhere in particular, zombies began to appear and walk slowly towards the hospital.

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