It was small, with an SF design that brought me back to my childhood.

“Now you can contact each other when far away, as long as you’re on the same floor.
I won’t need it, since I’m going to the 2nd floor.
I hope that it is useful for you two.”

“Thanks, Gray.
Having a means of communication should make a big difference in our survival.”

“I’m just fulfilling my role! Good luck!”

Gray dashed up the stairs.
What a reliable kid…
In order to make sure that his efforts didn’t go to waste, I would have to use the items wisely.

“Kyuji! It will be 15 minutes soon! We’ll have to start thinking about splitting up and guarding the stairs!”

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Once 20 minutes had passed, the back door would open, and zombies would start coming in through there.
And one of the two staircases was closer to the back door.
While it made sense for the two staircases to be set far apart, I couldn’t help but feel that it was done here to make the game harder.

“And so I have a suggestion! Can you and your buddy take care of that one? According to the rules, a Unison is treated as 1 player, so your buddy will listen to our orders as well! However, when it comes to very precise directions, only you can do that!”

Indeed, I was the only one who knew all of Garbows skills and characteristics.
So it made sense for me and Garbow to be one team, and Anne and Oliver to be the other.

“I understand.
We’ll do our best to protect the staircase near the rear exit.”

It was fine.
Garbow and I had overcome many trials together already.
If anything, I was worried about the other two.
They were the same kind of heavy attack player.
That meant they had similar weaknesses, which would make it hard to adjust to certain situations.

“I know what you’re thinking! Since we’re the same type of player, an enemy might appear that both of us won’t be able to deal with, right? Don’t worry! I will just change my type!”

Oliver put away his greataxe and held his fists up like a boxer.
And just as a wolf zombie jumped at his throat, he knocked it down with a punch.
Like that, he took down the fast wolf zombies with his fists…!

“I used to only fight with a greataxe, but I started to punch with my fists in order to make up for my weaknesses! Axe style and punch style.
Heavy and light.
High firepower and high speed.
These contrasting styles are my weapons! So don’t worry about us!”

Yes, I remembered it now…!
I had seen them during the Poseidon Kraken battle at the south sea!
At that time, Oliver had been using his punching style.
Kyuka and Gray had used skills to create platforms on the water.
But because they weren’t stable, he couldn’t swing his greataxe.
So he was able to adjust depending on the situation…interesting!

Now that I saw that there was nothing to worry about, I left them and headed towards the staircase with Garbow.

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As the enemies grew stronger, I might start having to use skills and charge attacks.
And would have to be careful about using MP and health recovery items…


It was a powerful roar that was different from any I had heard up until now.
Had a boss appeared at the front entrance?
No, the voice was coming from the direction of the east ward…

“Gaaaahhh! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry for being such trash that I can’t even complete this one job!”

It was…the internet idol, Canaria.
She was furiously shooting across the floor on her roller skates
Her face was no longer that of an idol…

“Gah!? Mr.
Kyuji!? I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“What happened?”

“Um, I was going around and collecting items without really thinking, and accidentally pulled a mysterious lever! And then a strange door opened up and this crazy zombie came out!”



Canaria jumped behind me as if she was hiding.
The thing that had been chasing her…was a zombie so tall that its head touched the ceiling.
It looked like a…

“Oh…a Gorilla Zombie…”

The giant chest, muscular arms and fists…
Even though it was a zombie, I could still tell.
It was a gorilla…!

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