st a few of them would hit the enemy.
And then I would be able to tell where it was…!

“There! Gatling Webcloud Arrow!”

The white net covered the invisible being.
At this point, it might as well have been fully visible!

“Gatling Burning Arrow!”

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Still, the invisible enemy did not show itself.
But it did turn into light that faded away, so there was no doubt that I had killed it.

“Th-that was amazing, Mr.
Kyuji! You killed an invisible enemy so easily!”

“Well, I would have likely died if I was attacked without warning.
It’s because you told me about it.
But I suppose it took you by surprise?”

As I move alone, I was careful about sounds and special traps, but it just came out of nowhere.”

An invisible enemy attacking without any signs or warning…that was odd.
It seemed a little unfair to me.
So there must be a secret as to why that monster is invisible.

Perhaps it actually came in from the entrance on the first floor, and climbed up here without anyone noticing it…
It was possible, since it seemed to move independently, unlike the other zombies who immediately attacked the player in front of them.
That being said, they really could have given us more of a hint…

“So there really wasn’t a moment where it stopped being invisible?”

“Yes, it never did.
Even I thought that it would, if I just used my defense skills and waited long enough…”

In any case, I suppose we just have to keep hitting it then… I could always just attack it with arrows, which would mark it, but in your case…”

“Don’t worry! Now that I know what to do, I have a skill that should be effective! Spread Gem!”

Numerous gem-like fragments spread out from Gray’s hand.
They sparkled prettily in various colors, but were sharp enough to pierce monsters if they made contact.
Yes, it would be perfect for marking them.


I heard a strange groaning sound, and then a pale zombie appeared in the midst of the flying gems nearby.
And it hadn’t appeared from the shadows.
It just seemed to materialize in thin air!

“This might be the invisible bastard…!”

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“But I don’t think that my skill hit it! And yet it was scared enough to show itself!”

“Let’s take it down then!”

It wasn’t a threat now that we could see it.
And so the two of us took care of it in an instant.

“Is there a big difference between this skill and the skills you used to fight it before?”

“Uhh…ah! Yes, yes.
Spread Gem is a magic skill that deals damage based on Magic Attack!”

I see.
So that zombie’s weakness is magic.
And so if you use magic skills near it, it will stagger and show itself even if it wasn’t hit.
But Oliver and Anne used physical attacks.
And so did Garbow and I.
On the other hand, Kyuka and Canaira were magic users.
So that was why the invisible zombies had been able to go right past us.

“I should have at least one magic skill… That being said, you seem to use physical attacks, Gray.
So I’m surprised you have a magic skill.”

“Actually…it’s just a coincidence.
All the skills I get are for close quarters combat.
And so I wanted to increase the ways that I could react to things, so I used my NSO medals to acquire it.
It was only later that I realized it was a magic skill.
But it didn’t do much damage… The fact that it’s so shiny means it can distract enemies, but it’s not one of my main skills, and so I often forget that I have it…”

“Ah, I understand that.
You often forget old skills when you keep getting more…”

Both of us were very forgetful then…
In any case, I had been able to save Gray, and we now knew how to deal with the invisible zombies.
It was most likely that they had come up from the first floor, and so now that Kyuka and Canaria had returned, they wouldn’t be able to get past us again.
As Gray would continue to gather items, I had to rejoin Canaria and hold off the wave of zombies…



The sound of a glass window breaking and a strange voice…
Ahh, so we had visitors from above as well…

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