nd while he had been able to make the first ones through gathering materials on just one floor, this time, it took both the second and third.
So it was possible that for the third floor…he would have to explore the fourth, fifth and maybe even sixth floors.

But zombies were breaking windows and invading the building now.
So sending someone up there alone was a big risk.
That being said, decreasing our fighting force on the front line would mean the gates would be more likely to break quickly.

So, what should we do…
As Gray and I wondered about this, Canaria muttered something.

“Well…maybe we don’t need to rely on the gates so much?”


“I’m a pretty weak player who does rely on them, but Oliver, Kyuka and Gray… And you, your fish and that nun lady surely don’t need to rely on them?”


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“I think that this is a really strong team that could defeat zombies, even if you fought without thinking… I hope that I’m not being presumptuous!”

“No, I think it’s close to the truth.”

As this was a zombie survival challenge, I thought that we needed to fight in a certain way.
However, aside from the fact they were zombies, this really wasn’t that different from fighting any other kind of enemy.
The item we really needed to survive…was the weapon that was already in our hands.

My trusty old bow…!
And my friends.
That should be enough to survive.
I wasn’t saying this because I had become tired of thinking so hard…!

I contacted Oliver and told him of the ‘one floor plan’ that I thought of after listening to Canaria.

‘I see! Not bad at all! To be honest, I prefer to just swing my weapon around instead of overthinking things! Let’s go with that plan! Over!’

Alright, he agreed.
And so the ‘one floor plan’ would begin!
…Well, it wasn’t anything big.

To put it simply, we would move so that all of us were always on the same floor.
Three would defend the front stairs, three the back stairs, and one person would gather items on the floor.
We would maintain this formation.

Oliver, Anne and Kyuka would continue to fight at the front.
I, Garbow, and Gray would fight at the back.
As she was fast, Canaria would gather the items.

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Generally speaking, the six defenders would do nothing but fight.
Canaria would use the earpiece Gray found on the third floor and would run around the floor.
If she encountered any enemies, she would defeat the ones she could and run away and ask for help if she couldn’t.
She would give us warning in advance so that we knew an enemy was chasing her.
If we were prepared, we should be able to defeat enemies even if they were really strong.
And once the enemy was killed, Canaria would go back to exploring.

If the laser gates were destroyed, or if she finished collecting all of the items, we would move on to the next floor.
The exception would be if we had enough materials to create new gates.
In such cases, someone would go ahead and set them up first.
While we didn’t have to rely on them to win, it would be arrogant to not use them at all.
We would use what we had, but not rely on them completely.
That was the idea behind the plan.

One hour passed.
And then 10 minutes, 20 minutes… And then it was an hour and a half since this started.
We continued to fight until we had retreated to the seventh floor.
However, no one had died yet, and we still had plenty of healing items left.
Once there was only a little time left, I would be able to use combination charge attacks and miracle effects more freely.

We could win.
Just as we all started to think this, the world on the other side of the windows was covered in darkness.

At first, I thought that it had become night time for atmospheric purposes.
However, when a giant eyeball appeared in the sky, I realized that I was wrong.
The entire hospital…was surrounded by something…!

“A lot of horror games turn into action games during the final boss… And it looks like this is no different…!”

When there were 30 minutes left on the clock…the final battle began.

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