d a lot of luck when it came to Range.

After adding the status chips to my base stats, and then activating ‘Immobile Sniping Stance,’ my Range would exceed 1,000 meters.

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In other words, I could shoot someone who was a kilometer away.

Well, it would be very difficult to actually hit my target at that distance, but I would do my best.

Unfortunately, I didn’t pick up any chips for status effect recovery.

But there were a lot for MP recovery, which was nice.

Because most of my skills depleted my MP.

As for the special action chips, there were 2 ‘High Speed Dash,’ and 1 ‘Short Warp,’ which allowed you to warp a short distance, and then there was ‘Magic Mine,’ which let you place invisible mines on the ground.

I actually had two ‘Magic Mines,’ but one exploded when I tested it.

What I learned was that while it was rather weak, it made a terribly loud sound.

In order to make use of that, I set it down by the entrance.

It wouldn’t kill anyone, but it would act as an alarm, letting me know if someone came in.

The last thing I needed was for someone to sneak inside while I was shooting.

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“Now, I’m all prepared.
It’s the start of my killing show…I hope.”

I looked down at the mountain from the top of the tower.

I saw a player who was foolishly moving in an area with few trees.


I couldn’t hear the sound of the arrow hitting my target.

However, the player soundlessly fell to the ground and burst into light before vanishing.

Only the ‘Kill!’ notification rang in my head as I looked for my next target.

Kiririri…shu! Shu! Shu!

I would often miss, because of the distance.
But the players just became frantic, not knowing who was attacking them, and so it wasn’t hard to take them down with the next shot.

The problem was players with high defense and players who could remain calm.

There were some who were quite sharp, and immediately determined where the arrow was coming from and were able to hide.

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