had already checked all of the windows of floor six and seven.
And if everyone else had done the same…

However, the tentacle attacks did not end.
And the area that we could move in kept getting smaller.
However, the paths weren’t blocked off completely yet.
In any case, I had to check the windows for the eyeballs.
And if they weren’t there, continue to go down.
I repeated this until I returned to the first floor…!

“I didn’t see anyone…could it be…”

No, this was no time to be thinking about such things.
I just had to crush the eyeballs, defeat the monster, and survive…!

“Eyeball…eyeball…it’s not here!”

There were no eyeballs left in the areas we could move in!

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And I seriously doubted that they were being hidden behind the tentacles.
There must be something… Somewhere I can still go…


Even now, the normal zombies were coming in from the entrances…
While the tentacles killed them instantly, they kept coming until the end…

“…Ah, the entrance is open.”

The entrance had been open from the beginning, and even now it was connected to the outside without being covered.
The sun was still up and light was shining down on the entrance.
It was so obvious.
Why hadn’t I noticed it before…!

“The entrance is the exit!”

Ever since the battle started, strong zombies flooded in, and so it was a place of danger.
I didn’t even think about going out from there.
And even if I did, I would have just been surrounded and killed.

Besides, we started in the nurse station on the tenth floor, which was the farthest place from the entrance.
We found out that there were items on the tenth floor, and so thought of the strategy of retreating while fighting.
Of course, that was correct.
Though, it had taken away the option of escaping through the place that used to be the most dangerous in the end.

I had seen that the flow of zombies had weakened once the rotten monsters started to appear.
And we couldn’t think flexibly enough to come to the conclusion that we should escape from the entrance…!

The requirement for victory was to survive for two hours.
But we had thought of it as surviving for two hours ‘inside’ the hospital.
I had forgotten while I was fighting!

“But there is no need for regret…!”

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As long as one of us survived until the end, everyone who participated would be able to use the stamp.
And so all I needed to do was escape from the entrance now and survive!

I shot the weak zombies down and dashed out of the entrance.
After running for some time, I was far enough to see the entire hospital.
And so…I turned around.

“I see…so that’s where the last eyeball is!”

The last eyeball was outside…!
An extra large and evil-looking eye was stuck to the outer wall of the hospital!
I would shoot it down immediately with a ballista…

“No, with this! The rocket launcher!”

The final and strongest trump card against zombies that Kyuka had given me.
Even though some people called me an old bowman, I would use this for the finale of this zombie survival!
It was just like the submachine gun that Canaria was using, and so anyone could fuse it with their weapon and use it.
I fused the rocket launcher with my Blackwind Dark Cloud Bow.
It turned black and was now many times more dangerous.
And then I held it up like they did in games and movies…!

“Goodbye, rotten bastard!”

And I pulled the trigger.
With a strong recoil, the rocket shot out and flew towards the eyeball as if being sucked.
Explosions, flames, sounds, smoke…and the final scream of the monster…
As the particles of light appeared, signaling the death of the monster, the bell also rang to tell us that two hours had passed.

So…this battle of survival had ended with our victory!

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