Data.133 – Old Bowman, Encounter with a Departed Spirit

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“I had no idea that you were supposed to run away at the end! Well done, Kyuji! I was nearly crushed inside there! Haha!”

“Ah, it came to me by accident, really!”

After the two hour zombie survival was finished, all of the players were returned to the nurse station once again.
The tentacles had disappeared, and the hospital went back to its original, clean state.
Several stamps lay on a desk, and so everyone stamped their cards without hesitation.

“Now that is…four!”

Obviously, it depicted the hospital and the various zombies that had appeared.
While they had been frightening while we fought them, their depiction here was stylish and amusing.
Now ‘Exorcism Bow Arts – 3 Mark’ became ‘Exorcism Bow Arts – 4 Mark’, and the Grow Card was…not finished yet.
It wasn’t finished until I showed it to the fortune teller who had given it to me.

If I was killed right now, my Grow Card would be destroyed, and all of my hard work would have been for nothing.
And so I had to be more careful now than ever before…!
The fourth skill, Demon Purification Light, might come in handy here.

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“Still, I don’t know what would have happened had Mr.
Kyuji not gone outside.
Those tentacles seemed like they would have filled up the hospital and killed us all before the two hours were up!”

Gray said with a look of sincere relief.
In fact, he actually had been killed in the hospital by the tentacles.

“I fell down the stairs in a panic and took damage before the zombies killed me… I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more useful during such an important moment…”

Said Canaria…
Well, she had been on roller skates, after all…
Good children should not copy her.
And adults with slow reflexes.

“I discovered that you could freeze the tentacles in order to slow them down.
…But it was only at the last minute.
Sorry I wasn’t a bigger help.
I’m very grateful to you.”

In other words, through sheer desperation, Kyuka had discovered a way to stop them, but she was already surrounded at that point, so it had little meaning.
I had told her many times already that she had been a great help, but her pride meant that she was still angry at herself.

“It really was a good thing that I decided to do this stamp rally with you, Mr.
Kyuji! As for me, I enlarged my iron ball in order to protect myself from the tentacles, but ended up getting sandwiched between it and the wall!”

Anne and the others all talked about their failures while fighting the rotten monsters.

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However, the fact that I had been able to kill it by hitting the last giant eye on the outside wall meant that they had all succeeded in clearing their assigned floors.

“Gar! Gar!”

Garbow couldn’t talk, but he must have done his best as well.
This victory would not have been possible without everyone’s work.

“I don’t think I would have been able to clear it if I wasn’t with this team.
I feel very confident in saying that, even though it was chance that brought us together.”

I said, aware that I probably looked like I was trying to sound cool.
But everyone agreed.
‘Let’s meet again some time’… And with those words said, Anne and I separated from the New Gloria Warriors.
This was apparently their second stamp, and so they headed off to the next terror spot.

We had to return to the town and show the fortune teller our cards.
This is what they meant by the adventure not being over until you returned.
Player killers were likely still targeting us.

“Still, that hospital was the only really difficult one!”

“Oh, you think so too, Anne? While it was possible to fight them through brute force and just run away at the end, you really wouldn’t know that if it’s your first time.
So I think a lot of teams would probably lose…”

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So that quest was hard for you?”


It wasn’t Anne who replied!
Someone was within listening distance…!
As I held my weapon ready and waited, someone appeared a few meters away.

He had the face and body of someone between childhood and adulthood.
Blonde hair that flowed in the wind but was not too long, and blue eyes.
The armor was white with gold lines mixed in.
He looked like some prince from a fantasy world.

…Had I seen him before?
There was something familiar about his face.

“I’ll ask you again.
Was that hospital difficult for you?”

It was.
You should try it too.”

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“Oh, I’ve already cleared it.
I finished the Grow Card and can fast travel to this Ghost Float whenever I want.
That’s why I’m a little surprised that you struggled with it.
Well, perhaps disappointed is a more fitting word.
To think that you are part of the Ghost Guild who beat Charin on the same difficulty as us.”

Beat Charin on the same difficulty…?
In other words, before she was weakened.
There were only a small number of players…!

“Ah, let me correct myself a little.
Yes, that hospital is more difficult compared to the other spots.
However, considering that it unlocks fast travel to a town in the sky… It’s below average.
The celestial world is above the surface world in more ways than one.
The quests to unlock fast travel are much harder than the ones below.
In a way, unlocking fast travel to a celestial town is like a status symbol.”

“What’s your point…?”

“The hospital isn’t especially hard.
It’s that the other spots are too easy.
All you need to reach the Ghost Float is a little luck and the ability to get on the ghost airship…otherwise, the difficulty is low.”

“I see.
I understand what you’re saying now.
However, surely you didn’t come all this way to see us just to say that?”

“Yes, that is true.
I came here to fight you.
I want to know just how good you are.
After all, you are one threat to us.”

The weapons that he took out…were two guns!
So he was someone who also used ranged weapons…!

“My name is Nord.
I’m from the VRHAR guild, and my position is EinHerjar-Ein… In other words, I’m the Guild Master.
Now, let’s have a little top player battle.
That is…if you can survive long enough for it to be called a battle.”

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