Data.136 – Old Bowman, Where the Stardust Lands

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As I thought, there was no follow up attack from Nord.
Well, even if there was, it would be difficult to tell, when we were spinning like this…
In any case, we had succeeded in escaping.

The problem is…where would we land?
To be honest, perhaps the reason that Nord had let us go was because Stardust Arrow wouldn’t be able to land on the Ghost Float, and so we’d just self-destruct.
Holes would easily open up in the Ghost Float when you dealt any damage.
And if it was something as high power as Stardust Arrow, we would likely create a huge hole and fall straight through.

As long as the effect of the charge attack was still present, we wouldn’t take any damage when we landed.
However, I would then have to find another Ghost Airship in order to return to the Ghost Float.
And finding one was just based on luck.
So it was possible that I wouldn’t be able to return for months.
And so we must…land on the Ghost Float!

I had set a target even before flying up.
It wasn’t a tall mountain.
The mountains in the Ghost Float were like cloth that was rising up.
They were hollow.
That’s why it would be so easy to fall through.

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But, what about the town?
This was no good either.
I had tested it in a town on the surface once.
An experiment to see if I could direct Warp Arrow at a town in order to warp there…

In general, you could not use skills and charge attacks in town.
However, what about if you started them outside and ended them in the town…
The answer was that the landing point would be moved and you would land right outside of the town.
In other words, I could not use skills to move through town!

And so if I targeted the town, we would just be pushed to the side and land on the field anyway.
It wouldn’t change anything.
As for places used for quests, like the mansions, tunnel and hospital, the results could vary.
It would be quite a gamble if you wanted to land safely.

Well, the spot that I chose was also a gamble.
But…it seemed like a safer one.
In any case, I couldn’t change my course now.
And so I flew towards the landing point that I chose, which was the balloon that held up the Ghost Float!

There were four of them.
And if they could be destroyed, then the Ghost Float would tip over and the players would fall off.

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And so there must be players who tested to see if they could be destroyed!
However, during my adventures, I had not once seen one of the balloons disappear.
As they were up in a high place, they could be seen from anywhere on the field.
And they really were floating there at all times.

In other words, they must be indestructible.
So I should be able to land on them with Stardust Arrow!
But if it turned out that we couldn’t land on them…well, I would think of something when the time came!

“Don’t let me down…!”

We shot towards the balloon…!
I immediately felt a tight, sinking feeling, and then Stardust Arrow’s momentum started to weaken.
And then in the next instant, we bounced back up and then fell on the ground near the balloon.

“My plan worked…I guess.”

I was happy and very relieved.
Now I would be able to finally finish the Grow Card.

Are you alright?”

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“I’m fine! Still, he just started attacking you out of nowhere! Well, he was hardly the first person to do that here.
But he was clearly on a different level than the rest!”

“Yes, I don’t even think some of the other player killers knew who I was.
It felt like they were just attacking me because I drew attention… As for this Nord, he clearly knew me well and had thought about this fight.
He was so confident.
Compared to the others, I didn’t sense much of the same combative spirit.”

I felt like a fish whose value was being measured at a market.
It made me quite angry, actually…”

“Still, Nord is the guild master of the number one guild in NSO.
So perhaps he’s the closest to these Vurtualiens that you’re so interested in?”

It’s not quite the same.
They are like those people that had instructors teach them baseball as young children, who then later did well in the little leagues and highschool baseball.
Then they were drafted, became pros, and went on to the majors.
While they have done wonderfully without a doubt, it’s not very surprising.
It’s exactly what most people expect the road to being a major is like.”

“I see.
And Virtualiens are people who may have played a little baseball in the past, but suddenly awaken to this ability and are able to play as good as professionals.”

Basically, it was someone like me…

“Yes! Virtualiens are like a sudden mutation.
An unknown being who has evolved! The surprise of their sudden appearance is similar to ghosts!”

The Ghost who suddenly appears and surprises people, and the chosen Einherjar who became strong through experience…

Indeed, from VRHAR’s point of view, this Ghost Guild party had suddenly appeared and cleared a battle on the same difficulty as them.
So it was no wonder they were so surprised…
They would want to know more about this party.
That’s why he wanted to meet me and test my power.

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And since it happened on a field where players were allowed to attack each other, I had no reason to be angry.
His provocative words didn’t bother me either.
After all, I had heard much worse things be said by others on the Ghost Float…!
There were a lot of people who looked like they should have mohawks and ride motorcycles…

Besides, the fight with Nord had given me some valuable information.
The most important was about how Garbow had stopped at his 2nd evolution.
In other words…Garbow would be able to turn into something else?
While I was in the middle of a fight, those words had made me feel very excited.
I had seen other things that I lacked as well.
So I decided to view the whole encounter as something very beneficial.

“Now, let’s return to the town.
Nord had called himself EinHerjar, so maybe we’ll be attacked by a Zwei or Drei.
Maybe there is even a Zero.
Or was it Null? But Zero sounds cooler.
I quite like these kinds of naming schemes.”

“That’s your reaction after that fight? You really are something, Mr.

“Ahaha… Well, I’m just a kid at heart!”

Nord, VRHAR…
While I hadn’t been in the mood this time, due to my Grow Card, I would like to fight him more boldly one day.

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