eve it…!”

The heavenly maiden at the front desk in Mr.
Yu’s workshop showed me a screen with some surprising results.
The three parts of my Windcloud set that haven’t evolved yet.
All of them could now either be enhanced or evolved.
So the materials I got from the Ghost Float were just what I needed.
I was a very lucky man.

And so I made requests for enhancements and evolution, and handed over my equipment.
They were the Windstream Scarf, Windguard Hakama, and Cloudbore Archery Gloves.

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As the equipment for my head and arms didn’t have any weapon skills, adding them now would allow me to do so much more.
And because my Haori had evolved nicely, the Hakama no longer matched.
So I was hoping that it would get a nice design upgrade as well.

It would take nearly three days to complete.
But…I wouldn’t rest and wait for it.
I would continue my adventures as always.
While I couldn’t dress like this during PvP or events, it should be adequate enough for exploring the field.

More than anything, we had all sworn to strive to become the strongest.
And so I didn’t want to waste any time.
I generally liked to play at my own pace, but I didn’t want to be a pathetic old man who used that as an excuse to hold the others back.
So for now, I would play the role of a cool older man.

Now, it was time to fast travel to the port town of Tonami and explore the south sea.
I had been in the dimly lit Ghost Float for so long, so I missed the heat of the sun…

“Oh? I just received a message from management… What!?”

The title was very straightforward.
‘The 1st NSO Strongest Party Tournament!’
Hey, I thought they were going to keep this secret for a little longer?

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Or maybe it’s because it wasn’t much of a secret to begin with?

In any case, I doubted that announcing it so early had been part of their original plan.
It must be because the information had spread too much.
And people were starting to speculate.
And so they likely had to just announce it to avoid confusion and misinformation.
As for the rules of the tournament…hmm.
It was just like what Necoco had heard from that VRHAR member.

So there really wasn’t anything new here.
Apparently, they would announce the rest one week after the zodiac event ended.
Now, there was no longer any doubt that the leaked information from VRHAR was real.
There really was going to be a big game where a party could win 100 million yen all together…!

While I didn’t know what the rules were yet, there was no harm in getting stronger as a single player.
This event was likely PvP.
After all, VRHAR had wanted to test the members of the Ghost Guild.

“You won’t be able to win…unless you’re confident that you can beat everyone…”

The die had been cast.
And so Next Stage Online became even more heated as players strove to attain unheard of wealth and fame.

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