were unleashed at once, but there was only one sound.

The 10 arrows all hit a player and took them down.

But it didn’t use too much MP, and it did a lot of damage.

I could still use it!



I took down 9 enemies with my second try.

And so I took aim at the one that got away and with another Multi-shot…

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No, they were gone.

I looked around but there were no other players.

So I just needed to take down this last guy, the one in the mud green gear.
Then I would win!


I aimed at his head and unleashed the arrow.

However, he easily hit it out of the air with a whip.

It was a green, slime-like whip that wriggled around.
It was pretty impressive.

But there was something else that made this guy stand apart from the others.

Perhaps I wasn’t the best judge of such things, being a beginner, but he had the movements of someone who was accustomed to playing VR games.

Even if he hadn’t been playing NSO for very long, he must have had plenty of experience with others.

Basically, I saw no openings at all.

I had no idea how I could defeat him.

So I had no choice but to spam arrows at him!

Even if the damage was low, I could chip away at him from far away.
That was my fighting style!


I couldn’t exactly create a rain of arrows, but I unleashed an obnoxious amount over him.
It was a matter of perseverance.

If I could just get one arrow through that stretchy slime whip, I would gain the advantage all at once, and more arrows would get through.

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On the other hand, if he kept pressing forward and reached the tower, I was finished.

Even if I used skills and changed the trajectory of arrows, he still blocked them.

Even the Clear Arrows which were supposed to be invisible were blocked.

With studying, exercise, games…your instincts were honed when you reached the heights.
I felt like that was what happened with this guy.

But that didn’t matter.

I would keep shooting!

Kiririri…shu! Zhunk!

I heard the faint sound of an arrow piercing something in the distance.

After that, arrow after arrow began to sink into him.

“Now it’s over!”

The last arrow hit him right in the head.

He shouted with rage as he disappeared into light.

You were strong…

Clearly a stronger player than me.

However, I had the superior position and some luck.


Zhunk! Zhunk!

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