Data.141 – Old Bowman, Break the Shell

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“Letter Arrow!”


My first shot, which was Letter Arrow, was destroyed by the ancient alligator’s roar.
Furthermore, the ground around the alligator began to rise up.
So even its roar did damage… This was bad…

“Gatling Burning Arrow!”

This time it didn’t roar.
In other words, that attack could only cancel out weaker attacks.
And so the exploding arrows hit the unmoving alligator directly!

“…It’s tough.”

But the black scales of the ancient alligator were practically unharmed even after being exposed to a shower of arrows.
Its HP gauge had barely moved.
At this rate, Arrow Storm would hardly deal any damage either…

“Gar! Gar!”

Now it was Garbow who attacked.
It was the golden combo of activating Ocean Sphere while swimming quickly and using Red Meteor…!


A mysterious power caused the ancient alligator to float up into the air.
And then its great jaw opened wide as it rotated at a high speed!
And then it began to fly like a meteor…!
If there was such a thing as ‘Black Meteor,’ then this would be it…!

The two monsters roared at each other and then crashed.
Sparks flew every time they collided, and the shockwaves shot towards me…!

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I wouldn’t be able to support Garbow like this!


The collision of the meteors ended with Garbow being pushed back.
Ultimately, the ancient alligator seemed to have higher specs…!
I had to find a way to cover Garbow…

However, my strongest attack, Southern Cross Ballista, required that I dig my heels into the dirt and pull the grip back.
It was possible to shoot while standing, but that would mean that the platform had to lean upwards, which meant the arrow would also point up.
I may be able to shoot birds in the sky, but not the alligator on the ground.

“Gatling Web Cloud Arrow!”

And so I would rely on the professional…!
The sticky net hit the ancient alligator.
However, instead of sticking to it, the net just slid onto the ground.
Was the alligator enveloped in some kind of mucus…?
Those scales were so irritating…!

What was its weakness?
Magic skills…?
Unfortunately, I didn’t have any.
And so I needed it to have other weaknesses as well…!


The ancient alligator opened its mouth wide and began to charge a black energy within.
It looked like it was going to shoot out a beam…
Why is it allowed to do that if it’s an ancient creature?
The triceratops could only charge at me…!

Black electricity crackled around the alligator’s mouth.
It was obvious that it was going to shoot soon…!

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And so it was time for desperate measures!

“Exploding Sky Tear!”

A high speed arrow shot through the black energy and exploded inside of the alligator’s mouth.
And then the alligator closed its mouth and swallowed the energy.
There was the muffled sound of an explosion immediately after, and then black smoke began to rise out from the alligator’s body.

So this was the kind of boss where you make them eat a bomb.
If you can’t attack them from the outside, you have to wait until they open their mouth so that you can throw a bomb inside.
Once you know it, they become very easy to defeat…!

“Let’s go! Garbow!”

“Gar! Gar!”

In any case, if it opened its mouth even a little, I would fill it with my strongest attack skills.
And I also had garbow use Missile Pod, which was a charge attack that was perfect for this purpose.
Now that I thought about it, the alligator opened its mouth quite often.
If I attacked it every time, I could even control its movements.
And so the ancient alligator’s HP gauge continued to decrease until it was less than fifty percent… That’s when it happened.

“It won’t open its mouth any more…?

It suddenly decided that it was going to stay silent.
Up until a moment ago, it was roaring regularly and tried to shoot its beam whenever there was an opening…
How was I supposed to win now…!
Not only that, I could no longer restrict its movement with my attacks, so it was getting closer and closer to me!

“Gar! Gar!”

Garbow moved in between me and the alligator.
As Garbow had high physical defense, he may be able to survive the attacks…

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Just as I thought this, the alligator jumped into the air and began to spin.
It’s tail lashed out like a whip and hit Garbow…!
Garbow flew off into the air and crashed into the ground.
Cracks appeared in his armor, and sparks flew from the exposed parts inside.
I had seen Garbow pushed into desperate situations after being hit by electric attacks before, but I had never seen him take so much damage from a physical attack…
Garbow was in danger because I tried to fight in this state…

–Beep! Unison Garbow has acquired the new skill, Electric River.

◆ Reason for Acquiring
Broken Shell
Received great physical damage.

What…was this?
I was pretty sure that Unisons could only learn new skills through using items…
But this was just like when players learned new skills…!
Could Unisons really learn new skills this way as well!?

“Garbow! Use Electric River!”

“Gar! Gar!”

Garbow was in a terrible state but floated up into the air and unleashed the electricity from his mouth!
So by having his shell broken, he was able to use an attack that used to be his weakness…!

The current of electricity slammed into the ancient alligator.
It too seemed to be weak against it.
And its mouth opened wide as it was electrocuted…!

“Garbow! Bite my leg and support me!”

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I wasn’t sure if Garbow would even understand this order.
However, I was lucky.
Garbow bit the part of my left leg that I could still feel, and then he moved his tail furiously and swam in order to support my weight.
Like this…I could shoot!

“Now it’s over! Southern Cross Ballista!”

The arrow of light went through the ancient alligator’s mouth and pierced its body!
The alligator staggered back and then turned into light before disappearing.
The drop items went into my inventory automatically.
And I saw that there was something called Black Alligator Leather.
This was likely the item that I needed to evolve Garbow…!

“Gar! Gar!”

“Alright, alright.
I’ll use it right now… Hmm?”

Wait…his voice sounded hostile.
I quickly looked around and saw that alligators and other monsters had come out of the water and were moving towards us.
We were in the middle of a savannah.
So there were plenty of hunters looking for prey…!

That’s why I needed Garbow to evolve here!
And so I would use the item!

“Garbow, evolve!”

“Gar! Gar!”

–The Unison has reached the required level.
–You have used the evolution item Black Alligator Leather.
–All requirements have been met.

–Beep! Unison Ravengar will now evolve into Ravenalligate.

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