ell while slamming his tail down for a drop attack, crushing the enemy’s body.
He was already using the new skill, Flail Tail very well.
It was a simple skill, much like the one that the ancient alligator used to crack Garbow’s shell, but judging by the way that he used it, his AI seemed to have improved…!

“Gar! Gar!”

There was just one new charge attack left.
It was probably the strongest one…
And it was called, ‘Crimson Death Roll’!

He opened his mouth wide and rotated at a high speed while charging.
His bared teeth acted like a blender that shredded the enemy to bits…!

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This also resembled the ancient alligator’s attack.
In other words, he could also do that attack that hit me…!


Garbow bit one alligator that had especially tough scales, and then twisted its body in a flash.
If he bit into something, the force of his rotation would affect the target, resulting in enough power to severe its flesh.
Real alligators used the death roll…but when a rare monster that has undergone a 3rd evolution uses it, it becomes this powerful…!

And like that, all of the river alligators were dealt with.
Now it was just the beasts that the clones were keeping in check.
Lions, tigers, cheetahs.
They all looked terrifying, but they were no match against Garbow as he was now.

Garbow floated up into the air and activated Blue Ocean Sphere, which was an enhanced version of Ocean Sphere.
The sphere of water looked a little more blue, and it’s ability…was not that much better.
The important part was that the cool down had been shortened.
What used to be 10 minutes was now 5 minutes!
This was much better than some half-assed upgrade.
After all, the charge attack was now twice as efficient…!

And Ocean Sphere wasn’t the only thing that had been enhanced.

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The charge attack that had helped me and Garbow so many times, Red Meteor, was now Red Meteor II.
This one too was an upgrade in force and speed, and also had its cool down cut from 10 minutes down to 5 minutes.
It was nice that after getting a new stronger charge attack, the previous one became easier to use.
Otherwise, they would become completely obsolete.

Now, as Garbow had taken care of the rest of the enemies, I would scout out the area from the sky.
It was possible that all of the fighting had attracted other monsters…
I think…


I heard metallic sounds that did not seem very natural for a savanna.
And so I activated my Sniping Insight skill and looked in the direction that the sounds came from.


“…A mecha lion?”

While the sounds were out of place, it was at least modeled after something that would live here…
Their metal bodies swayed as the sunlight reflected off of them.
And like that, an army of mecha animals came towards us.
Why were they here… Well, now that I think of it, Garbow is a mechanical fish, so he is similar to them.
Was that somehow related to this…?

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