Data.143 – Old Bowman, Out of Place Mechanical Beasts

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“Garbow, Electric River!”

“Gar! Gar!”

The mecha animal army that appeared suddenly was…weak to lightning attacks.
They were also weak to heat, and so my Burning Arrow was enough to deal with them.
While they had certainly surprised me with their appearance, the alligators had been a bigger threat as enemies.

Now, just because things were settled here, it didn’t mean we could stick around in the savannah.
I still couldn’t move my leg, so I wanted to get to the nearest village as soon as possible.
Because the savannah was in the southern area, I had already unlocked the map.
So I knew where the next village was located.

“Help me reach this point on the map, Garbow.”

“Gar Garr!”

As I could not walk, I had to move by riding on Garbow’s back.
I hadn’t realized it while fighting, but he really had grown a lot in size.
If I sat on his back and grabbed onto the protrusions on his back, I wouldn’t have to worry about falling off.
And he didn’t shake too much, so it was comfortable.

He also cried and let me know if there were enemies nearby.
So I decided to take a look at Garbow’s status as we moved.
As he had evolved, it should have changed quite a lot…

“Gar! Gar!”

New enemies already…!?
I frantically looked around, but what I saw was a mecha rabbit.

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Were there always mecha animals here…?
So they weren’t rare monsters, and could be found walking around normally here.
If that is the case, there might be a mecha field close by…

“…Ah! It ran away!”

It hopped away like a normal rabbit.
I would lose sight of it if we didn’t do something.

“Garbow! Chase after that rabbit without attacking it!”

“Gar! Gar!”

Sometimes curiosity trumped efficiency.
And this was one of those times.
If we chased after the rabbit, we might reach a new world… In NSO, such fairytale-like things happened often.
For instance, there had been a world in the looking glass.

Garbow was able to keep up with the rabbit’s speed.
And so he would likely be able to follow it all of the way.
I would check his status while I could.

◆ Unison Status
Name: Garbow(Ravenalligate)
Race: Fish/Machine
Lv: 62/100
HP: 180/180
MP: 120/120
Attack: 255
Defense: 185

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Magic Attack: 130
Magic Defense: 130
Speed: 220

◆ Skill
[Poison Resistance V] [Machine Body]
[Straight Darts] [Red Flash]
[Holy Splash] [Energy Scissors]
[Electric River] [Flail Tail]
[Caltrop] [Energy Shield]
[Magic Jamming]

◆ Charge Attack
[Red Meteor II] [Blue Ocean Sphere]
[Crimson Deathroll] [Kurogairu]

◆ Combination Charge Attack
[Meteor Bow]

The status did not include bonuses from equipment.
It was nice to see such strong base numbers like this.
The skills were also stronger, and he now had more charge attacks.
Crimson Deathroll had a cooldown time of 8 minutes, while Kurokogairu was 10 minutes, which was great.
His AI was smarter now as well, and he could probably take on the average player.

However, we weren’t going to be fighting average players.
We were going to be fighting the best.
And so I needed Garbow to become even stronger.
If we follow this mecha rabbit, then perhaps we would be able to find some kind of hint…

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That being said, it could also just be running aimlessly around the savannah.
And I would be wasting my time.
It was already nearing evening.
The red sun was falling towards the horizon like a scene from some movie.
I didn’t want to be wandering around when there were carnivorous monsters everywhere.
Clearly knowing what the threat was made it scarier than the horror spots in some ways…

“Hmm…? I can…see something!”

It looked like a pyramid at first, but on closer inspection, it was a trapezoid with a flat top.
The suspicious structure looked like an altar to conduct rituals.
And as I stared at it, I lost sight of the rabbit.
However, this was likely our destination anyway.

The altar had looked like piled stones from far away, but up close, I saw that it was made of metal.
There were detailed patterns engraved on the surface, suggesting that some advanced civilization once ruled this savannah.
Yes, a civilization advanced enough to create mechanical animals…

“Well, I suppose I should try climbing to the top.”

It was human instinct to want to climb to the top of tall buildings.
They say that idiots, smoke, and snipers like tall places…
And so I had Garbow float up to the top.

“Woah…! This is quite a view!”

Half of the savannah was bathed in the red of evening, while the other half was being swallowed up by the darkness of night.
It was the brief moment between day and night, when a red sky turned into a starry sky..
I felt both awe and a little worried.
The feeling of needing to go home when the sun came down was something from my childhood that I still felt.

“Well, perhaps it’s because I still live like that.”

I muttered to myself and chuckled.
And then I realized that I had to hurry up and search this altar.

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This was a high difficulty field where ancient alligators and bosses roamed.
I needed to finish what I came here to do and go to the village, or I might end up losing my other leg.
That being said, there was nothing here that could be a hint…

Tonk-tonk… I hit the altar with my bow.
Yes, when I was a kid, I always used a tree branch to tap things when exploring the neighborhood…



The altar was…shaking!
Before I could understand what was happening, the top of the altar that I was standing on began to descend!
So this wasn’t a ritual altar, but a way to travel underground!?

I held my weapon ready and waited.
The elevator showed no signs of stopping, but no enemies appeared either.
And now that I thought about it, I had ridden an elevator in NSO before.

In the Windcloud Mountain where I found the Windcloud set.
There had been a similar elevator inside.
According to the person that lived there, it was moved through technology from a lost civilization.
In other words, this place might be related to the Windcloud Mountain…!

The elevator started to slow down.
We would be arriving shortly.
Now, what will it be, a demon or a snake…
I fought both in NSO, so it shouldn’t be a problem.
Except, this was NSO.

The thing that awaited me underground…was a city where machines lived.

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