enough to take them down.
The Orochi quickly recovered and fired off numerous missiles from its body…!
Perhaps they had a homing ability, as the missiles flew straight towards me after leaving a trail of smoke behind them!

“Gar! Gar!”

Garbow and his clones activated Red Flash.
Red lasers shot from their mouths and hit the lasers.
Then I would use lasers as well!

“Demon Purification Light!”

It was the last skill I acquired from the Grow Card, ‘Exorcism Bow Arts – 4 Mark.’
Its effect was very simple.
A blue laser-like light would shoot from your bow!
Unlike a normal arrow, which shot once and was done, the lasers continued to fire off for a few seconds.
And they continued to do damage, so you had to keep aiming at the enemy.

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However, as you cancel it after activation, you wouldn’t be left open durin those seconds if the enemy dodged the attack.

And so I moved the lasers back and forth and shot down the missiles.
Hmm…but I still couldn’t shoot them all down…!

“Exorcism Barrier!”

I created a dome-shaped barrier.
This skill was effective against enemies that weren’t ghost types as well.
Though, not as effective…!
After being hit by several missiles, cracks started to appear in the Exorcism Barrier.
Some of Garbows clones had disappeared now, but the remaining ones continued to attack the Orochi with Electric River.

“Gar! Gar!”

And then the real Garbow activated Crimson Deathroll when it saw an opening.
He bit into one of the eight heads and tore it off!
Just as before, it was an incredible destructive power…!
I was thankful that Garbow was an ally and not an enemy.


The Orochi cried.
The remaining seven heads opened their mouths and began to charge energy.
That move…it was going to unleash a beam!
And it looked like a pretty big attack…!
No matter how much I attacked them, they wouldn’t stop charging!

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Perhaps this was the Yatenkou that was in the information from Letter Arrow.
Usually the skill that was displayed there was a powerful one.

“Then I’ll use a big attack too! Southern Cross Ballista!”

The Orochi didn’t move while it was charging.
And so I could target it as much as I wanted.
I tried to attack as many of the heads as I could while waiting for them to fire!
This way, I could shoot and cancel out the beams and attack the heads…!


Thick beams shot out from the seven heads!


At that moment, I had good reflexes.
The ballista hit the beams and sparks flew…!

As for which one won…it was the ballista, of course!
Garbow’s support played a big part as well.
More of the Orochi heads were destroyed, until there were only four left.

Now it was only at half its original strength.
At this point, I just had to keep my guard up and take out the rest slowly and steadily.
The coordination between Garbow and I was superior to the coordination between the four heads!
Though, the power of lightning did do most of the heavy lifting…still, it was all our power!

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