move forward without being detected.
In that case, I should prepare to fight my way through.


Something was moving towards me.
Even after hearing its cry, I couldn’t imagine what it was.

“It’s better to run from the unknown…!”

But just as I started to run, the thing appeared at my back.


While its cry was ridiculous, its appearance was simple…
The monster was just a giant tarsier!
Though, it was called an ‘Eyebeam Monkey’!
In other words, its attack would be…!


“It shoots beams from its eyes!”

A pink beam of light shot towards me!
As its eyes were very big, the beam was large and had good range…!
And since it was a monkey, it was also very light on its feet!
Running wasn’t a good idea, and hiding would be impossible.
It was time for a counter attack!

“I’m counting on you! Shot Crossbow R!”

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◆ Shot Crossbow R
Type: One-handed weapon(Crossbow)
Attack: 50
Range: 25
Weapon Charge Attack: Shotgun Arrow.

I was using a crossbow!
Type R!
I think the R was supposed to be for Rapid.

The R types were one-handed weapons, so it was possible to have two and dual wield them.
Of course, doing so does not mean you can use the charge attacks twice.
For instance, if I activated Sky Tear, it would only be unleashed from one of the crossbows.

“Now, will it hit…!?”

I pulled the trigger at the monkey.
The arrow flew and scratched the side of the monkey.

“Hmm…while it wasn’t a complete miss, it feels a little awkward compared to a bow.”

I suppose it was because I wasn’t used to it.
Still, I did feel that it wasn’t a good match for me…
But I will try a little longer.

Shu! Shu! Shu! Shu!

I continued to fire rapidly and use skills.
Normally, compared to bows, crossbows had extra force but could not be fired rapidly.

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However, this R type was the opposite.
It felt like a combination of a bow and a gun.
It was light and could be fired rapidly, but it did less damage than a bow.
Furthermore, its range was also inferior.

If I had to compare them…
Force: Crossbow > Bow > R type
Range: Bow > Crossbow > R type
Rapid Fire: R type > Bow > Crossbow

Looking at it like that, the R type looked rather weak, but it really was fast when shooting, and you had an infinite amount of arrows that reloaded automatically.
All I needed to do was to pull the trigger.
So it felt pretty well balanced.

However, my aim seemed to have taken a hit…
Perhaps I really was better off with an ordinary bow.

“Burning Shotgun Arrow!”

Shotgun Arrow was the weapon charge attack, and it shot out small arrows like scattered bullets.
While the cool down was only 20 seconds, the range was quite short, and you wouldn’t do much damage unless you were very close to the enemy.
In my case, I had very high Range, so I did decent damage even at a far distance.
However, it was definitely inferior compared to my trump card, ‘Bow Shower.’
It was important to switch weapons when it fit the situation.

And so I won the battle against the Eyebeam Monkey and gathered the dropped items.
Now, the next monster is… Oh, wait a minute!
I was here to gather materials.
There would be no point if I just fought monsters the whole time.
I reread Satomi’s message and then continued to explore the forest of mysterious beasts.

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