e echoed everywhere, and I couldn’t tell where it was coming from…

“Gar! Gar!”

Garbow made the decision on his own, and activated B Ocean Sphere so that I was inside of it.
At the same time, a great fireball shot towards us and slammed into the sphere of water.
While the sphere of water evaporated immediately, the great fireball was also erased.
I didn’t take any damage, but if the attack was powerful enough to erase B Ocean Sphere in one hit, then this monster couldn’t be the same as the baboons we just fought.

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It was likely…a boss monster!

“Exploding Sky Tear!”

I targeted the trees that the boss was about to jump onto.
Without the platform, the boss crashed down on the ground.


Was it laughing or angry?
The baboon…the raging baboon, had veins popping on its face as it bared its fangs.
This one had fur that was an even brighter red, and it swayed in the air like real fire.
It was likely due to high body temperature.
Like the bonito flakes that dance above a hot okonomiyaki…

“Trident Shotgun Arrow!”

If it was hot, then I just had to cool it down.
With Trident Arrow, which had the power of the sea…!

“Gar! Gar!”

Garbow also joined in with a water skill, Holy Splash.

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With cold water, we would put out the raging flames…!

However, the baboon caused an explosion by slamming its giant axe into the ground, which blew away our skills.
While water was its weakness, the boss was smart enough to understand that and keep it away.
As a baboon, it was light on its feet, and so I wouldn’t be able to defeat it as long as it could move around freely.
That being said, using Web Cloud Arrow against a fire enemy was pointless.
Southern Cross Ballista was also no good against fast enemies, and I would lose Garbow if I used Meteor Bow.
And I couldn’t use Arrow Storm, because the Blackwind Darkcloud Bow was currently being upgraded.

At least Shotgun Arrow spread out, and was able to deal some damage even as the baboon moved around.
However, this baboon boss was the kind that got angrier the more you damaged it.
So damaging it slowly would just put me in a worse position.

In any case, I would have to just wait until the cool down for Kurokogairu ended.
Once I am able to use that charge attack again, I could really test how Garbow and I could cooperate now.
If the advance guard is stronger, the rear guard will become stronger as well…
Garbow’s evolution reminded me of my original fighting style.

Attack from a distance where the enemy couldn’t counter, so that it’s a one-sided battle until they go down…!
With Kurokogairu and the new skills I got from the Machine God Windhole, that old style would make a return!

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