oil just sped up the process!

So…it was almost self-destruction!
I wasn’t even able to test out my new strategy…
Well, I intended on testing it out on different enemies anyway, so I suppose it didn’t matter.
More importantly, I learned that it could be effective to use Oil Shot if the enemy had fire type skills.
Learning how to use skills was part of growth.

“Now, the baboon’s drop item is… Hellfire Ragefur.
That’s some sweltering fur…”

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I put away the item that was flaming red fur, and searched for the last material that I needed to make a regeneration potion, the ‘Bonbon Mushroom.’
No matter how many strong enemies I defeated, this adventure would be a failure if I didn’t get the materials that I needed.
Now that I had killed the boss, the normal baboons stopped appearing.
And so I wanted to find it now and leave…

“…Ah! There it is! It’s very small and red.”

I found a red, heart-shaped mushroom growing near a tree.
Yes, this must be the Bonbon Mushroom.
However, one wasn’t enough, and so I needed to find more of them.
I wonder if there were any rules for what places they grew in…

“…Hmm? The tree that was near the Bonbon Mushroom had several leaves that were burning.
While the other trees had fiery red leaves, they weren’t actually burning.
So there must be something different about this tree…”

It turned out that I was right.
I was able to find other trees that had leaves that looked like they were on fire, and there were mushrooms at the bottom.
I picked them and put them in my item box.
Alright, now I had all of the materials I needed to make the regeneration potion.

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Now I just need a craftsman to make it, and then I will be able to purchase them at stores.
While it was apparently expensive to buy them, I had plenty of money, so I didn’t mind.
In any case, I had finished what I came here to do, so it was time to get out of this hot and loud…lively forest…!

“Let’s go, Garbow… I’m sure you don’t like this heat, since you originally lived in the sea… Let’s go back…”

“Gar! Gar!”

Garbow activated B Ocean Sphere so that it enveloped me.
It was very cool inside, and I felt quite refreshed.
Furthermore, Garbow was faster like this than when walking on four legs on the ground.
And so if I rode on top of him, we could stay cool while making our way through the forest quickly.

I hadn’t used it in the beginning, as there was a need to look at the ground and search for plants and mushrooms.
And so I had forgotten all about being able to move like this.

“Thanks, Garbow.
This is a great help!”

“Gar! Gar!”

I got onto Garbow’s back and we left the scorching forest behind us.
The three Windcloud items I gave to Mr.
Yu would be finished soon.
My preparations for the party tournament were going smoothly!

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