Data.152 – Old Bowman, Windcloud Transcendence

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“I really do feel more secure when I have the Windcloud set with me.”

Today, I picked up all three of the Windcloud items that I had left with Mr.
And I wasted no time in checking to see how they changed.
First, my headgear, which had evolved from Windstream Scarf to Windstream Snake Scarf!
I had used materials like ‘Snake Shadow Soul from the black shadow snake in the Ghost Float.

◆ Windstream Snake Scarf
Type: Head(Scarf)
HP: 60
MP: 100
Weapon Skill: Defense Instinct, Auto Repair

It looked like the kind of red scarf that a hero would wear.
And in terms of design, it had not really changed much.
In fact, most of it seemed identical.
The only part that was different were the two ends of the scarf.
One side tapered off sharply, and the other…looked like a snake’s head.
So it had taken after its name and evolved into a snake scarf.
However, it was stylized enough so that even people who disliked snakes wouldn’t mind wearing it.

As for the stats, they had simply been raised.
While I always bought a lot of recovery items, there was no harm in increasing my max MP.
The biggest features were the two weapon skills, Defense Instinct and Auto Repair.

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(Defense Instinct)
Automatically defend against attacks.
Does not react to attacks that destroy equipment.

(Auto Repair)
Equipment damage is automatically repaired.
Effect does not activate if equipment is destroyed completely.

If an attack came towards your head, the scarf would move like a snake and defend you.
And any damage it took would slowly repair over time.

That made it sound like you would be invincible, but the scarf’s durability was not that high.
It would be able to block skill attacks twice at the most.
So if it took any more damage, it would be destroyed and not react any more.
You would have to wait a long time for it to be repaired.
Of course, it could not block charge attacks to begin with, so it wouldn’t even react to those.
Furthermore, as this was headgear, it only reacted to attacks towards your head.

While there were limits, I was glad for the effect that guarded the head, which was a weak spot for all players.
And more than anything, it was great that the skills were activated automatically.
Because it’s difficult to think about defense when you are attacking.

Next was my leg equipment.
The Windguard Hakama had evolved into the Windguard Warrior Hakama!
For the evolution, I had used the Warrior Cloth item that was dropped from the warrior kappa in the Ghost Float mansion.

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◆ Windguard Warrior Hakama
Type: Legs(Hakama)
Defense: 80
Magic Defense: 80
Weapon Skills: Whirlwind, First Wind Sliding Feet

In terms of design, this one hadn’t changed much either.
What used to be a pale color had become a little darker, that was all.
As for the numbers, they seemed more balanced compared to before where it was focused on Magic Defense.

And of course, I was curious about the new weapon skill, First Wind Sliding Feet.

(First Wind Sliding Feet)
Ultra high speed movement over short distances.
You will be left wide open if you use it three times in a row.

A short distance was about 2 meters.
And the speed would be too fast for the eye to follow.
When moving, inertia and kickback were ignored, and you could move without changing your stance, as if sliding across the ground.

If it was combined with Quickdraw, I could use it to move around enemies that tried to fight me at close range, and shoot them in the back.
While I could control the distance and location with my mind, it would take some learning.
I would have to practice a lot before the event.
This offered me the mobility that I severely lacked, and so I needed to be able to master it…!

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Lastly, there was gear for my arms.
Cloudbore Archery Gloves had evolved into Cloudbore Archery Gloves G!
It was clear that there was a difference between evolution and strengthening.
Evolution required specific equipment with specific materials.
While strengthening was just having the right materials.
Any equipment could be strengthened.

By adding this ‘Strengthening Plan’ to equipment, you could raise its stats and add skills without changing its appearance.
This time, I had used Strengthening Plan G!
The G was for…gorilla!

I had used the nostalgic Fist of the Forest Sage, that the gorilla had dropped, and Droppings of the Forest Sage, which was from the gorilla zombie at the Z hospital, in order to do this…!

◆ Cloudbore Archery Gloves G
Type: Arms(Gloves)
Attack: 35
Defense: 50
Range: 60
Weapon Skills: Black Smog Stream

As I said before, it looked exactly the same.
Its color didn’t change just because of the materials that I used.
The whole point was that you could upgrade something without changing the way it looked.

However, the change in numbers wasn’t as good as an evolution.

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With evolution, my combined stats were raised by 60, but the strengthening plan only raised it by 45.
However, they distributed well and felt more balanced.
…Now, onto the weapon skills.

(Black Smog Stream)
Unleashes a black smoke that has a terrible stench.
Can continue to unleash it through using MP.

The abilities of Black Smog had been enhanced considerably.
Previously, you had to throw black ball-like droppings… And when it exploded, the smoke would spread out everywhere.
But Black Smog Stream just shot out the smoke in a straight line.
You could shoot it out of both arms simultaneously, and since they were affected by your Range, I would be able to shoot them very far.
That meant that if I swung my arms around, I could cover a wide area with the smoke in an instant…!

MP would deplete as long as it was activated, but it wasn’t a great amount.
On top of that, it was a skill, so there was no cool down after using it.
For some reason, management seemed to be treating this skill favorably…!
While it didn’t deal any damage or ignite like oil, it was clearly still an ‘attack’ skill!

Well, I wouldn’t push the issue…
We were right before a great NSO event.
And two of the reliable pieces of equipment that I had used up until now had been combined.
This was very exciting for me.

“I’m counting on you, my equipment.
Until that time when I can grasp glory…!”

The bow was like the leader of the Windcloud set.
And so once it was finished evolving, the set would be complete.
As for other things that I needed to prepare…the skill charge attacks.
Through items that I had gathered on my adventures, they too had evolved even further!

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